Friday, December 17, 2010

Pics of Yuuki Aoi and Omigawa Chiaki

Just a couple of photos of Omigawa Chiaki and Yuuki Aoi, from a TV show Friday night. They were publicizing the release of the first DVD/BDs of Soredemo Machi ga Mawatteiru, which will come out on Christmas Eve.

Yuuki-san (left) continues to expand her range of voices, as you can hear in this PV for the upcoming show Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.

Omigawa-san, as harsh and awkward as her voice sometimes is, can be brilliantly funny in SoreMachi. A manga she has drawn will come out with v6 of the DVD/BDs. (Click photos to enlarge.)


Rei said...

Omigawa looks really nice with her hair down as opposed to her usual pigtails or braided pigtails :O!! Kirei and kawaii

I can't wait for Madoka! Esp with ClariS doing the OP and more Yuuki :3

Omigawa in Soredemo is actually really fitting because her character is really whiny and annoying, which suits her voice and overall makes it capture the hilarious moments. No one could replace her for that role.

lvlln said...

I'd like to hear what Omigawa sounds like in everyday speech. Is her voice as nasal as it is in the roles she plays?

hashi said...

@lvlln -- No, her normal voice -- as far as I have heard it and read about it -- is much higher. Here are a couple of YouTube videos: one, two. In Japanese Wikipedia, it says that her normal voice is very high, but she used a low register when she started doing voice acting. Her voice as Nazuna in Hidamari Sketch Hoshimitsu is closer to her normal voice. I think she is a deeper person than she appears. Wikipedia claims that her interests are reading, writing poetry, and playing guitar.

lvlln said...

Huh, her speaking voice really is much higher than in her roles. I wouldn't have recognized her from just her voice. It lacks that nasal sound that dominates most of her voices and does indeed remind me most of Nazuna from Hidamari Sketch 3 Star.

Of course, since these videos are from promotional materials, I wonder how much of that is also manufactured.

hashi said...

@lvlln -- That high, polite Japanese woman's voice is so hard for a foreigner to interpret: does it sound normal to people in Japan? Is it a very polite voice she wouldn't use among friends? I don’t know, but Japanese Wikipedia said her "normal speaking voice" (地声) was very high.