Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taketatsu Ayana Right Now

A few minutes ago, Taketatsu Ayana posted this picture in her blog:

It's yet another nice picture of her, despite the odd color, and to me she looks tired and happy. Of course, that's what I'd expect her to feel, after finishing recording of her many fall shows and with a less busy season ahead of her in the new year.

She has made a big splash this fall with her starring roles in Ore no Imouto Konna ni kawaii Wake ga Nai and MM, as well as roles in several other shows. In January, the only new series she is currently slated to appear in is Rio - Rainbow Gate, in which she co-stars with Inoue Marina.

Here's what she says in today's post:

Yahoo ♪

I'm resting now ♪

It's cold today, so dress warmly, everyone (`・ω・´)
Please be careful not to catch a cold!


skchai said...

She looks so different from even six months ago that the Taketatsu losing weight meme is all over the place. Some people seem to even be worried she's developing an eating disorder to counter unkind "Debunyan" comments and her own relationship to food.

hashi said...

@skchai -- Thanks for the links. It would be no surprise if eating were an issue for her. It must still be a complex feeling for her to realize that she is now considered so cute by so many people.