Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yuuki Aoi Dresses Gothic Lolita for Gosick

Yuuki Aoi herself seems to like gothic lolita fashion. Now she has worn it professionally, at a publicity event for Gosick.

Gosick is a new anime that will start airing on Friday 7 January. Ao-chan stars as Victorika, a genius loli with a husky voice who sits in the library reading several books at a time and solving mysteries that are brought to her.

For the show, the gothic lolita fashion house Innocent World has made a dress for Ao-chan to wear and to be sold to the public. The fabric is all hand-dyed. The lace part of the dress is dyed with black tea. A 60cm doll of Victorika will also be produced.

Ao-chan says she was surprised to realize when she got the audition script that she herself had bought the original novel, which came out in 2003. Volume 7 is due out in March.

In the novels it says that Victorika has a husky, old woman's voice, contradicting her youthful appearance. Novelist Sakuraba Kazuki says she got the idea for the voice from the voice of a girl vampire in the movie Interview With the Vampire. She was happy with Ao-chan's voice, and delighted when she looked her up on the Internet and discovered that she was tiny and cute.

The staff of the anime made a trip to Prague and Vienna to check out locations for backgrounds. What they produced from their researches made Sakuraba-san excited that so much could come from the setting she wrote.

Ao-chan's co-star, Eguchi Takuya, says he is a fan of the novels and was thrilled to get the part. He and Ao-chan make a surprising couple: Ao-chan is 144.5cm tall (4ft 9in); Eguchi-san is 188cm (6ft 2in).

Here are more photos:

(back, l-r) Eguchi Takuya (Kazuya), Yuuki Aoi (Victorica), yoshiki*lisa (OP), Sakuraba Kazuki (novelist), unknown.
front: director Nanba Hitoshi.

The lead writer on the anime is Okada Mari (Simoun eps., true tears, Vampire Knight, CANAAN, Kuroshitsuji, Otome Youkai Zakuro, Fractale, Hourou Musuko). 

On 2channel, fans are very happy that Ao-chan has got the role. They feel that she is a dependable voice who can portray this character well.

Photos and info from Moca - Voice Actor News.


lvlln said...

Wow, Yuuki is less than 5' tall? I never knew she was that tiny, especially considering the relatively deep voices she sometimes uses, as in Vampire Bund or Samurai Girls. She must be one of the shortest major voice actors out there, if not the shortest.

hashi said...

@lvlln -- As far as I know, the shortest is Oogame Asuka, at 142cm (4ft 8in). Yuuki is next, at 145cm (4ft 9in). Then comes Itou Kanae, at 147cm (4ft 10in).

shizukax49 said...

I'm pretty sure the woman on the far right in the first group photo is Yumi Fujiwara, the head designer of Innocent World!

hashi said...

@shizukax49 -- Thank you! I guessed it was someone from Innocent World, but wasn't sure enough to say so.

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