Monday, December 27, 2010

Yuuki Aoi Gets Lead Role in Gosick

She was always one of the top candidates in people's minds, but now it is official: 18-year-old rising star Yuuki Aoi will play the lead role of Victorica in Gosick, a new anime from Bones that starts Friday 7 January.

Victorica is a girl who looks like a loli, dresses gothic lolita, and sits in the library reading several books at a time and solving mysteries that are brought to her.

This starring role was not announced until today, at a special live event where the first episode of the anime was shown.

This gives Yuuki Aoi two of the top female roles of the new anime season: Madoka in Shaft's Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and this role.

In Gosick, Ao-chan will be reunited with her idol, Sawashiro Miyuki, whom she played opposite in Kurenai almost three years ago.

Mangaka Sakuraba Kazuki says that at the audition, Yuuki-san gave them exactly the hoarseness she intended in Victorica's voice.

Here is a partial cast photo from the official site. (l-r) Kiuchi Hidenobu (Grévil; Hei in Darker than Black), Kano Yui (Cécile Sensei; Momoko in Sumomo mo momo mo), Yuuki Aoi, Eguchi Takuya (Kujou Kazuya; Oosugi in Eden of the East):

Yuuki-san's own tendency toward a gothic lolita look will stand her in good stead for this gothic lolita character. The lolita fashion house Innocent World has come out with a dress designed especially for Victorica:


myswordisunbelievablydull said...

this is really exciting because she's perfect for this role. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have there.

Matteas said...

YEEES! I've been hoping for that. Now it's sure I will watch GOSICK no matter what.

Btw. that pic of cast is really funny. Eguchi Takuya looks like a giant next to Ao-chan.

hashi said...

@Matteas -- They commented on the height differential on 2channel, too. Eguchi is supposedly 188cm (6ft 2in), much taller than even Miyano Mamoru (182.5cm -- 6ft), her co-star in Pokemon BW. Ao-chan is 145cm (4ft 9in),

Anonymous said...

'A Channel' TV anime cast revealed:

Run : Fukuhara Kaori
Yūko : Minako Kotobuki
Nagi : Yumi Uchiyama

abandonedfactory said...

I consider this very good news for the series. I'm looking forward to seeing Gosick for myself.

hashi said...

@anonymous -- I just took a look at the couple of chapters of "A Channel" that are on Mangafox and there is plenty of material there, if the staff can arrange and present it effectively. Ao-chan's character in particular has enormous possibilities. I was interested that on the official site, Fukuhara Kaori is credited first and Ao-chan second.

Anonymous said...


the reckless Tooru

Fukuhara Kaori ->

the flighty Run

Anonymous said...


Dakuro said...

This an excellent anime I really like it.