Friday, March 26, 2010

Endou Aya on Playing Kajika in Hanasakeru Seishounen

The enjoyable shoujo reverse harem adventure/romance Hanasakeru Seishounen ended its 39-episode run in February. But with a repeat beginning next month on Japanese TV, seiyuu Endou Aya 遠藤綾 has written in her blog about the difficulty of playing its heroine, Kajika Barnsworth:

At the audition, I really couldn't get hold of the character, and when I heard that I had gotten the part, I felt more impatient than happy....

I had been entrusted with this voice, but what kind of voice it was I really couldn't imagine at all. There were descriptions of Kajika's voice, and I just went over and over them in my mind.

Right up to the time recording started, I was reading the manga out loud to myself every day. The more I read, the more my impression of Kajika kept shifting around (>_<). She was someone with so many expressions, both physical and emotional.

"Like a boy, like a girl, transparent and warm...." I tied myself to these lines. I kept wondering which way to take her.

But when I actually came to do the recording, I wasn't thinking of anything at all. Nothing.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seiyuus -- Who's Getting the Work This Spring?

Kamiya HiroshiThere's a list going around 2channel of which seiyuus are getting multiple roles in new anime this season. I'll just accept that the list is accurate and make some comments. It doesn't include continuing anime, just anime that are starting this season. (mouseover images for captions)

6 shows -- Kamiya Hiroshi
The king of the moment.

5 shows -- Chou, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Namikawa Daisuke; Hanazawa Kana

More female seiyuus in the business means fewer roles each. Kana-chan is the only woman to reach these heights, and then only with Wednesday's announcement of her role in the Black Rock Shooter OVA.

Taketatsu Ayana4 roles -- Fujiwara Keiji, Fukuyama Jun; Taketatsu Ayana, Sawashiro Miyuki

The big surprise here is Taketatsu Ayana, who burst to prominence as Azu-nyan in K-On, and has become a producers' darling, with roles in Jewelpet 2, KissxSis, K-On 2, and Mayoi Neko Overrun -- as well as her continuing role in Yumeiro Patissiere.

3 roles -- (men) Yasumoto Hiroki, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Takahashi Hiroki, Ono Daisuke, Hida Nobuo, Kimura Ryouhei, Sakurai Takahiro
(women) Asumi Kana, Itou Shizuka, Sakamoto maaya, Shishido Rumi, Kobayashi Yuu, Ueda Kana, Hikasa Youko, Toyosaki Aki, Horie Yui

Here we see the return of two excellent veteran stars to multiple roles: Sakamoto Maaya and Shishido Rumi. And we see the continuing effect of K-On on the careers of its stars (two of whom are Hikasa Youko and Toyosaki Aki), just as Suzumiya Haruhi energuized the careers of its stars. It's also interesting to see how much Eden of the East did for Kimua Ryouhei's career.

Monday, March 22, 2010

49 Spring Anime -- full previews, w/staff, cast, story, images, trailers

Arakawa Under the BridgeLast season made me think the anime industry really had collapsed. There were only 19 new shows, compared to almost double that the January before.

But spring has sprung and there are 49 anime on the list this season, right up with the 48 last spring and the 49 the spring before.

And there are quite a few promising shows in this season's offerings. Here are some of my highlights, followed by a full list with complete details, including staff, cast, an outline of the story, a pic, a few comments, and links to trailers, manga scanlations, and AnimeSuki forums. (click images to enlarge)


Arakawa Under the Bridge -- The new offering from Shaft director Shinbou Akiyuki is at the top of many lists (image top right). The story seems right up his alley: a proud, high-achieving, somewhat silly young man, in line to become head of a big company, has a principle of never being in debt to anyone. When a young homeless woman who says she is a Venusian saves his life, in repayment he winds up becoming her boyfriend and living with her under a bridge in Tokyo, surrounded by weirdos.