Saturday, May 08, 2010

Yuuki Aoi -- Vampire Bund Radio, Korone, Blog Photos

I think Yuuki Aoi may have liked Dance in the Vampire Bund as much as I did. We already know she thought Mina was her best role. Now, at the open recording of the sixteenth and final episode of Radio in the Vampire Bund, she wept again that her work with Saitou Chiwa and the others on the radio show was over.

The show was recorded a week ago and hit the Net on Friday. You can hear it here.

Below, left to right: ED singer hibiku, Ao-chan, Saitou Chiwa, OP singer Nakano Aiko:

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hirano Aya In Early May

Hirano Aya is clearly still recovering, but at least she still has several good gigs going, and has been getting out a bit as well.

She was at her friend Nakagawa Shouko's live performance recently, as well as at her friends Granrodeo's Budokan live.

Aya recently appeared live at the opening of the movie Bungaku Shoujo, starring Hanazawa Kana, in which Aya plays Miu.

She continues her roles in Fairy Tail and Jewelpet Tinkle. Neither show is of much interest to me, but I'm glad she continues to have solid gigs, even during this difficult time.

Her enjoyable radio show, Hirano Aya Midnight Radio, is on every week (link to Nicovideo audio; Google "register nicovideo" for registration instructions).

Aya also continues to see Sasaki Nozomi for meals and moral support now and then. I can't help thinking of Nozomi, the sociable former shrine maiden, as a kind of Shinto therapist.

But it was rather sad to read Aya's comments about the Budokan live:

"I went to Grandrodeo's Budokan live! Budokan at last! It was moving. I was jealous of them crashing around on that stage. I was happy that it was a good performance, but I regretted that it wasn't me v(>w<)v"

Granrodeo consists of seiyuu/musician Taniyama Kishou ("Kishow") and musician Iizuka Masaaki ("E-zuka"). Aya is close enough friends with Taniyama that they were once rumored to be an item.