Saturday, October 09, 2010

Chihara Minori -- Second Day at the New York Anime Festival

from her Minorhythm blog:

New York -- Day 2

The New York Anime Festival is really rocking.
It's so big!

The people at the event all seemed to be having a good time,
but I enjoyed seeing them, too.

All the cosplayers really got me excited.

Today, starting in the morning, I'll be rehearsing my live event, then being at a panel discussion and signing, and there's a "Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi" stage appearance.

The interaction with fans is always moving. They live so far away, but they still know my anime so well, and support me by knowing my roles and my CDs. I've come to love them. They try so hard to remember some Japanese. The direct way they express their feelings gave me so many happy moments on the first day of the event.

I thought I'd speak some English at my live performance, so I'm studying extra hard at the hotel. Everything is so exciting.

Being in a foreign country really is great. Even though there are some problems with different customs, I feel so free and at ease.

Communicating with foreigners is funny. I just wanted a light bulb changed in my room, but it was so hard to get that across that we both ended up bursting out laughing. Meeting the hotel staff person in the hall, something that wouldn't take a minute ended up taking five or ten. But we got to know what each other was like, and became friends.

To me, this naturalness is just wonderful.

So, I'm going to enjoy the second day of the event as much as I can.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Yuuki Aoi in SoreMachi episode 01 -- acting range, vocal range, comedy

Yuuki Aoi keeps surprising even me with her acting range and her ability to do so many kinds of voices.

In the first episode of the new Shaft/Shinbou anime Sore demo Machi wa Mawatteiuru ("Even so, the Town Still Goes 'Round"), she plays the protagonist's friend, Tatsuno Toshiko.

She creates a memorable comic character who flows from high-toned ojousan to aggressive harridan, to proper maid, to infatuated schoolgirl, and back again in a virtuouso comic performance soaked in the irony of the manga. And I believe she also plays the cartoon raccoon who is like a commentator punctuating sections of the show.

The star of the show, Omigawa Chiaki, is certainly striking, throwing around her flat, nasal voice with great abandon and to great comic effect. But Yuuki's performance, even keyed to Omigawa-san's as it is, really overshadows hers.

Some of Yuuki's old fans on 2channel say she is best at kid characters like Riko in Kiruminzoo and Iris in Pokemon Best Wishes. I beg to differ.

For one thing, I think she is a good comedienne, who has found a niche in roles like this one and Korone in Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou -- and with her madcap verbal pyrotechnics on radio shows such as Yutori Channel and the current Hyakka Ryouran Radio Girls.

For another thing, I think she has real dramatic acting chops, which she only occasionally gets to display, in shows like Shiki and Dance in the Vampire Bund, as well as in the original Kurenai, over two years ago now.

Chihara Minori Arrives in New York

From Chihara Minori's blog:

My first time in New York ♪

I've arrived safely in New York ! ! !
It was a long, long flight 飛行機飛行機飛行機
ひらめきAt the airport, it was exciting to meet the staff that helped me
three years ago at the LA Anime Expo !!
Somehow I still have the strange feeling that it isn't real.

It's nice that the climate is the same as in Japan ラッキー
It's just that morning and evening are miraculously reversed !!!
My work starts nowラブラブラブ

ひらめきOh, yes おてんき
Dinner last night was delicious Italian food ディナー
Lots of different kinds of olives with bread...
I just couldn't stop ラブラブラブラブラブラブ lol

New York ラブ

I have the feeling that a lot of fun things are in store おてんき

 posted 8 October 2010, 9:50pm Tokyo time (08:50am New York time)

current time is 11:55am in New York
photo taken just before posting

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Chihara Minori on Her Way to New York

Chihara Minori is in the air, on her way to New York for the New York Anime Festival.

This picture was taken at Narita airport at 2:30 pm Thursday, Tokyo time. That was 1:30 am New York time. With a flight probably leaving around 3:15, and a probable flight time of just under 13 hours, she should be arriving just after 3 pm this afternoon, New York time.

From her blog:

At Narita Airport

2010.10.07 Thursday

I've set out for New York on the afternoon flight!!

ひらめきI'm looking forward to lots of things at the New York Anime Festival 赤い旗赤い旗赤い旗
It's my first time in New York -- what will it be like, I wonder?
I definitely want to see the Statue of Liberty
My heart swelling with the promise of many meetings, I'm happily off ニコニコニコニコニコニコ
It's a long flight, but I'll do my best おはな

NOTE: Literally, she says "meet the goddess of freedom," which I now realize is the Statue of Liberty. I liked the "meet" there.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Seiyuu Videos: Yuuki Aoi on TV Aged 9-10

Yuuki Aoi got an early start in show business. She was apparently already with the well-known child performers' agency, Central Children's Theatre, when she was four.

We know for sure that when she was nine and ten, she had a regular role on the TV show Appare Sanma Dai Sensei.

She was then called by what is probably her real name, Yabusaki Aoi. A young Hanazawa Kana had been on the show before her.

The set-up was a classroom of kids, with a "teacher" (Sanma-sensei) eliciting cute remarks from them. Ao-chan was excruciatingly cute and self-absorbed, a real little performer. And even then you could hear how precisely she spoke, and how she played with words.

There used to be one video from the show on YouTube, but it now appears to be private. A Japanese fan has just posted two more, and here they are: