Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tamayura -- Taketatsu Ayana is Mayor for a Day

The anime Tamayura is set in Takehara, an old town near Hiroshima. It was the "Day of Tamayura" in Takehara on Sunday, and Taketatsu Ayana -- who stars as Fuu -- was made mayor for a day.

Iguchi Yuka (Norie) was fire chief, Asumi Kana (Kaoru) was education director, and Gibu Yuuko (Maon) was captain of a ferry.

The photo is of Taketatsu with the real mayor. More photos below, and in the original report.

The anime's director, Satou Junichi was there, too. He said that they chose the Inland Sea town of 30,000, which is part of greater Hiroshima, because it would form a perfect setting,  not just for an anime, but even for a film. With its old streets and sea and mountains, he said the town was like a character in the anime.

Ayanyan said in her blog that the day was just wonderful, wandering from place to place, seeing the settings used in the anime. The town and the lapping waters were beautiful, the night views sparkled, the air was warm, and the people were all warm, too. It was a lovely experience, despite getting bitten by mosquitoes.

She also said that she and Iguchi Yuka had a wonderful time bathing together morning and evening.

Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana, Taketatsu Ayana (l-r)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yuuki Aoi -- Interview About Hyakka Ryouran

Yuuki Aoi was interviewed about Hyakka Ryouran by "Seiyuu Police," a feature on the Hobby Channel website.

She talked about her character, Yagyuu Juubei, and about Juubei's two personalities -- the innocent, loving puppy-dog, and the tough master swordsman -- and the difficulty of keeping each present in the other as she performed. 

She spoke of her embarrassment during some of the nude scenes. She said how much she likes playing the fight scenes. And she said how cool she thinks the protagonist, Muneakira is.

Hobby Channel is a branch of Hobby Japan, the franchise-holder for the show.

SP (Seiyuu Police) -- What kind of girl is the character Yuuki-san plays, Yagyuu Juubei?

Yuuki Aoi -- Juubei is the first "master swordsman" to appear in this show, and is active from the prelude on. But she is normally not like a "master swordsman" at all, but a sweet, simple girl.

She looks like an adult, but inside she is quite child-like. I play her to the image of a big puppy-dog. Like a big puppy-dog, she is sweet on her master, Muneakira, and is always going "Oniichan!" and jumping up on him. (laughs)

She feels uneasy because she has lost her memory, and I think part of her appeal is that you instinctively want to help her. In fact, she is surrounded by nice people who do nothing but help her. Her "oniichan" Muneakira is nice to her, and Yukimura and Senhime, although they may be harsh, somehow seem nice in the way they try to correct Juubei's airheadedness. (laughs)

Chihara Minori -- Back in Japan

From her Minorhythm blog: 

Landed in Japan!!

I'm hooome!

I'm back, with a lot of gifts!!

It was a long journey for me.
I said goodbye to New York about 14 hours ago! The take-off and landing were without incident. I'm so relieved I could almost cry.
Pilot-san, thank you for your work!

My beloved Nippon...
Somehow I feel calmer... (smile)

To avoid jet-lag, I'm going to go right to sleep today...

Good night...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chihara Minori -- New York, Day 4

From Chihara Minori's Minorhythm blog:

Today was all free time.

My responsibilities all completed, today I took a full bite of New York -- going to meet the Goddess of Freedom [the Statue of Liberty], shopping, seeing the musical "The Lion King"....

It was fun. I was continually moved to tears by the musical. When  I went to see the Statue of Liberty, I also met some wild squirrels.

My last dinner in New York was at a Chinese restaurant! I had delicious food and drink with the staff people who helped me.

After that, I received a poster signed by everyone in New York. I was very happy!

Wonderful memories, wonderful experiences. I am full of feelings of gratitude to those who supported me.

New York is the greatest!

Dear Everyone I have met in NY,

Being my very first visit to New York, I was filled win inspiration.
Seeing all of you has made me extremely happy.
I will never forget all your smiles and I'll work hard to come back soon.

You are the best !!
Thank you

That last part in bold is in English in Minorin's blog.

I have to admit I am not sure of the timing of all this. The post is dated 3pm Monday, about three hours from now in New York, so I guess that must be 3pm Japan time, which would be 2am Monday morning in New York. Her events at the festival seem to have all been on Saturday, so that she had at least most of Sunday free.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chihara Minori -- Third Day at the New York Anime Festival

From Chihara Minori's Minorhythm blog, posted Sunday at 4:30 am, New York time (5:30 pm Japan time):

New York - Day 3

It's Chihara Minori here, continuing to pass full days.

It's great that the sunny weather has continued.

This morning, the raging tide of appearances continues. Yesterday was a day of → panel discussion with American seiyuus → autograph session → live event.

In the panel discussion, I discovered many differences between American and Japanese seiyuu work. It was deeply interesting and I learned a lot.

The live performance was fun. Many people came and the place was really rocking!!

I did the Hare Hare Yukai dance with American seiyuus Christina-san and Carrie-san!

They were cute!!

I hadn't danced in a while and I was dripping with perspiration. Lol.

Of course everyone in the audience danced, too!!!
It was a totally happy scene.

The live was really tremendous.

Today is my last day at the New York Anime Festival. It has been just as much fun as I expected, thanks to the many staff people who helped.

I'm so glad I came to New York. I'm deeply grateful for the many encounters I've had.

Thank you so much, everyone.