Friday, November 05, 2010

Yuuki Aoi Eats Her Cat

Not really. But she makes it sound that way in a brief blog post today:


Babaribarisshu everyone!
It's Yuuki Aoi!!!
I'm famished!
Eimi -- munch, munch.
That is all.

-- posted 5 November 2010 9:20pm
-- "babaribarisshu" is the battle cry of Zekrom, Ao-chan's favorite pokemon in the Pokemon BW game.
-- Eimi (see photo) is her cat, a black Munchkin (a dwarf breed)


In another recent post, she left us with a mystery:

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hirano Aya Guests on Highly-rated TV Show

Hirano Aya continues her voyage into the world of being a TV personality. She guested last week on "Ikehata Akira's News Study," a weekly in-depth news program in which guests and viewers ask questions about stories in the news, and are answered by well-known journalist Ikehata Akira.

The show garnered a 13.54% share of the audience right in the middle of prime time, between 8:00 and 9:00 pm. This was about the same rating as the week before (0.1% higher, in fact).

There is no comparison between the TV audience for a show like this and for anime. Animes generally get between one and four percent of the small late-night audience. This one appearance has put millions of eyes on Aya.

It's no wonder that her agency sent her a fairly grand congratulatory bouquet.

Aya has recently shifted her blog to Ameba Blog, a system used by many seiyuus and other entertainers. She has also upped her posting frequency, usually posting from one to several times a day. Her twitter feed is also active.

She is also a regular on the new late-night comedy show, Pikaru's Theorem. That is on FujiTV, for the business section of which she acts as website navigator. The news show is on TV Asahi.

I haven't been following her blog, twitter feed, 2channel threads, etc., that closely recently, but I did note that in one blog post, she said that her dancing had become better. So perhaps her health is continuing to recover.

Yuuki Aoi Live Talk Event Last Sunday

Yuuki Aoi talk event at Hosei University in Tokyo, 2:30 pm, Sunday 31 October, 2010

Here are rough notes from a long post on 2channel, posted a few hours after the event. They are followed by Ao-chan's own blog post about the event. Great stuff, I must say: she seems open and relaxed (maybe even a bit too open), and like an actual human, as well as an otaku.

She talks in detail about the pokemons she has used playing Pokemon games. She describes a good-looking boy with a word used by fujoshi. She invites people to look at Mina's naked rear end in the Vampire Bund OP.

To keep alert, she says she uses Red Bull -- as well as stage fright. She talks in detail about how she played various characters. And she says her favorite subject at university may be Chinese.

Yuuki mentioned talking about the Pokemon BW game on her blog. She got mail from people when she said how valuable the pokemon Zekrom was. She apologized for not updating the blog recently. She said Zekrom is a moe character.

She said she was able to make friends through her characters and animes. Kotobuki Minako taught her that you can stop a sneeze by putting your index finger under your nose.

Q - What led her to become a seiyuu?
- As a young child, she told her parents that she wanted to be on TV and got a role doing a commercial for home altars and stands.
- She wanted to be Sailor Moon, and was a mimic from age 3 or so.
- She began in anime in grade 5 (as Sakura in Kino no Tabi)

Then they introduced her animes, with a PV-like short video for each one showing behind her.


- Profoundly memorable experience at recording sessions, because that's when she first got to know Sawashiro Miyuki. "Sawashiro-san is godly!"
MC asked her in what ways she resembled Murasaki.
- She didn't think she really resembled her at all, at first. But there are two kinds of actors: (1) the type who analyze their characters, and (2) the type who turn themselves into their characters. And she is the second type. She kept thinking about Murasaki, and how Murasaki could become friends with Shinkuro, etc.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Yuuki Aoi Fans Going Nuts Over Her On 2channel

Otaku are, well, you know...enthusiastic.

A fan on 2channel put together a 14mb animated gif of Ao-chan's bits in the SoreDemo ED clip I posted a couple of days ago, and it has spurred some flights of fancy in her fans.

"Her glance when she's looking down is the greatest."

"This is the first time in my life I've used these words: 'lick, lick.'" (An expression often used in the thread.)

"What an angel!"

"I'll follow her as her husband.

"I will marry the daughter you and Ao-chan have."

"I will be your and Ao-chan's adopted child: please be nice to me, stepfather."

"And I will marry the daughter you and the daughter have."

"The guy that marries Ao-chan will die after a couple of years, and I will support her through a hard time and be her second husband, and then we will support each other for the remainder of our lives. The rest of you I will bring up strictly."

Here is an 11mb version of the animated gif:

Monday, November 01, 2010

SoreMachi OP Video with Seiyuus Live

A video of the highly enjoyable ED to Soredemo Machi ga Mawatteiru has turned up on YouTube, intercutting cosplay by the seiyuus with the original animation:

In order of appearance, the seiyuus are Yazawa Rieka (guitar, Kon-senpai); Omigawa Chiaki (accordion, Arashiyama); Yuuki Aoi (fiddle, Tatsuno); Shiraishi Ryouko (drums, Haribara).

Ao-chan's fans are going nuts over this on her 2channel thread. Their only complaint is that they wish she was wearing glasses, like her character. Omigawa-san's thread continues to be dominated by people who hate her voice. Sigh. I think she is hilarious in both the show and the PV.