Monday, November 08, 2010

88 Seiyuus Listed By Years of Experience, with photos

This newly completed table turned up Sunday on a Japanese blog.

It lists women seiyuus by years in the business, giving their ages as well, and with a little pic of each one. I have transliterated the Japanese names and adapted the title and notes.

The newest seiyuus are Oogame Asuka and Kanemoto Hisako, who started in 2009, making this their second year as seiyuus. The most experienced are Hayashibara Megumi (25th year) and Minaguchi Yuuko (26th year). Click here or on the image to go to the full-sized table:

Not all ages are perfectly accurate: Yuuki Aoi is said to be 19, but will not turn 19 until March 2011.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Yuuki Aoi Says "хорошо!" and Listens to Sound Horizon

From Yuuki Aoi's blog today


Babaribarisshu, everyone!
Recently, I've been renewing my enthusiasm for Sound Horizon, listening to Moira,
So I keep saying "harasho" -- "great." Harasho!
It's an unprecedented harasho boom (*^-^*)

-- "harasho" (хорошо) is Russian for "good." The word has been popularized in Japan by the musical group Sound Horizon
-- Sound Horizon began as a doujin music group and creates mixtures of music, story and sometimes spectacle, in an eclectic mix of styles
-- here is an example, a live performance of a number from their 2008 album Moira:

Hikasa Youko Bakes a Pumpkin Pie

Hikasa Youko is pretty handy around the house. She is well known as a seamstress, making some of her own clothes. And for Hallowe'en, on her radio show, she baked a pumpkin pie.

We aren't seeing her in any new anime this fall, but she is well occupied with a three-hour weekly live broadcast radio music show called "A+G Request Digistar" (A&G REQUEST デジスタ). She and seiyuu Oogame Asuka are hosts of the show:

In her blog, Hyocchi expressed great satisfaction at succeeding in baking the pie, but modestly pointed out that the shape wasn't perfect.

On an episode of the radio show last August 21, Hyocchi lip-synched the K-On 2 ED "No, Thank You", which she sings lead in as a member of Houkago Tea-Time (she plays Mio in K-On). Here is a video of that part of the show: