Friday, December 17, 2010

Pics of Yuuki Aoi and Omigawa Chiaki

Just a couple of photos of Omigawa Chiaki and Yuuki Aoi, from a TV show Friday night. They were publicizing the release of the first DVD/BDs of Soredemo Machi ga Mawatteiru, which will come out on Christmas Eve.

Yuuki-san (left) continues to expand her range of voices, as you can hear in this PV for the upcoming show Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.

Omigawa-san, as harsh and awkward as her voice sometimes is, can be brilliantly funny in SoreMachi. A manga she has drawn will come out with v6 of the DVD/BDs. (Click photos to enlarge.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sasaki Nozomi, Yuuki Aoi and Monster Hunter 3

This is from a Monday post in Sasaki Nozomi's blog. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for PSP just came out in Japan December 1:

Sasaki on the left
Mixed bathing

(that's Yuuki Aoi-chan)

and I
bathed together Yukumo Village (lol)

that was in MonHan 3


Ao-chan was actually
a male character

so in the end it was
a mixed hot spring


even my grandmother
sees this blog. lol)

always the one thing

we just kept doing
the village quest

got to HR2
made me very happy


Monday, December 13, 2010

Yuuki Aoi and Tsuda Minami -- Iris and Kibago from Pokemon

In Pokemon Best Wishes, Tsuda Minami plays Kibago, Iris's pokemon. And Yuuki Aoi plays Iris.

Here is a photo of them that Tsuda-san posted in her blog on Saturday evening. Tsuda-san (left) calls Yuuki-san "my master" (私のご主人).

Tsuda Minami will play key character Phryne in Yamamoto Yutaka's upcoming show Fractale. Here is a bit of a Pokemon episode in which they both appear. Kibago travels in Iris's voluminous hair.

Tsuda-san is 21. Her first minor roles have come this year. She had minor roles in Uchi no Sanshimai, Kaidan Restaurant, and Dragonball Kai, played two Tamagochi in Tamagochi, and was Shigeo in Rainbow.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taketatsu Ayana Right Now

A few minutes ago, Taketatsu Ayana posted this picture in her blog:

It's yet another nice picture of her, despite the odd color, and to me she looks tired and happy. Of course, that's what I'd expect her to feel, after finishing recording of her many fall shows and with a less busy season ahead of her in the new year.

She has made a big splash this fall with her starring roles in Ore no Imouto Konna ni kawaii Wake ga Nai and MM, as well as roles in several other shows. In January, the only new series she is currently slated to appear in is Rio - Rainbow Gate, in which she co-stars with Inoue Marina.

Here's what she says in today's post:

Yahoo ♪

I'm resting now ♪

It's cold today, so dress warmly, everyone (`・ω・´)
Please be careful not to catch a cold!

2010 in Review -- Five Favorite OP/EDs

There was quite a bit of good anime music this year, especially in the fall. Here are my five favorite OP/EDs, based on image, music, the way the two work together, and the way the OP/ED works with its show.

1. House of Five Leaves OP (immi, "Sign of Love") -- Fascinating music, with entrancing imagery that was also inexpensive to produce. Enjoyable both for itself and for how it sets up and gives pace to the show.