Monday, January 31, 2011

Madoka Magica: Drawing of Kyuubei by Seiyuu Yuuki Aoi

A few hours ago, this drawing of Kyuubei as a human being appeared in Yuuki Aoi's blog:

Ao-chan loves to draw, and has done personifications of animals before, including one of a panda.

She said she would do her own character, Madoka, but that she wanted to do this personification of Kyuubei first. She said she thought Kyuubei should be a young man (a shounen), but one that the color pink suited.

Ao-chan says that the background texture was supposed to approximate the world view of Inu Curry, the two-person animation team that designed the witch-world segments of the anime. But she added that it apparently is not so easy to do.

She made a point of saying the drawing was her fantasy, and shouldn't be taken to indicate anything about the show. That won't stop us, I know, lol. Ao-chan says: "Is it he or she? And what kind of being is it? Please watch the show to find out."

I haven't seen Ao-chan do so much in the way of coloring, shading and backgrounds before. Her college term ended a few days ago, so she apparently has more time right now for drawing, gaming, posting in her blog, etc.


lvlln said...

Wow, color me impressed. I had heard she had done the costume sketches by Madoka in the show, but this is very good for an amateur. Certainly up to the level of stuff you see on Pixiv or DeviantArt.

I'm guessing that Kyubey is being depicted as an androgynous cute boy here. I mean, the show makes it clear he's male, doesn't it?

hashi said...

@lvlln -- Yeah, I'm impressed, too. She's not a professional, and not quite up to the standards of seiyuu artists Inoue Marina or Kitamura Eri, but does do some good drawings. I get the sense that she really loves to draw.

I may have missed something, but I'm not sure of Kyuubei's gender, myself. The fact that his/her seiyuu is female doesn't prove anything, but I don't remember anything saying what gender he/she is.

I do think Katou Emiri is doing a nice job of the voice, making Kyuubei quite a strong, strange character.

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Its the same; those eyes are always freaky...

(● ω ●)

Anonymous said...

There's something wrong and creepy about that smile. I'm scared.

lvlln said...


Huh, I didn't realize either Marina Inoue or Eri Kitamura drew, though I knew the former looks really hot in photos. They can probably draw better than the art in Oniikoto in which they both star...

As for Kyubey, Mami mentioned to him when he was trying to get Sayaka and Madoka to wish that girls don't like boys who make them rush, which is why I'm assuming it's a he. Then again, since it might not even be an animal, gender might be meaningless when refering to it.