Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hirano Aya in New 3D Animated Film

Aya has mentioned in her blog that she has a role in the new 3D animated film "Tofu Kozou" ("Little Tofu Monk").

It is about a little youkai (Japanese monster) who is always carrying around a dish of tofu, and is incapable of scaring anybody. He is sealed up in a shrine during the Edo Period and emerges 200 years later in modern Tokyo.

The cast is mainly made up of TV and film actors and actresses doing their first seiyuu work. Aya plays the human girl who accompanies the monsters around the city.

The film is slated to be in theatres in April.

Other actors in the film include Fukuda Kyouko, Takeda Tetsuya, Matsudaira Ken, and Koike Teppei. I'm not familiar with the names of many drama actors, but these all have long lists of drama and movie credits. In any case, Aya is credited sixth, despite having what seems like a fairly major role.


Furuba-tan said...

seems like Hirano Aya has still not arrived at the tv stars. and now she still does a seiyuu job.