Monday, February 21, 2011

Seiyuu Nazuka Kaori To Marry

Nazuka Kaori, the big girl with a tiny voice who played Eureka in Eureka Seven, has announced in her blog that she is getting married.

Nazuka-san is a friend of Sanpei Yuuko and Koshimizu Ami, with whom she played in Eureka Seven, and in the past has been linked with them in various yuri scenarios.

She has a small, sweet voice, but is actually a broad-shouldered, athletic woman. In her blog, she has had pictures of herself scuba diving and fishing.

In her blog post, she says that family is the most important thing to her, and that she has long dreamt of building a family as cheerful and warm as the one she was brought up in.

Her dream is coming true sooner than she planned, she says, but she is full of happiness right now. She thanks all her fans, the staff she has worked with, her fellow seiyuus, and her family.

She intends to continue as a seiyuu, and hopes she will continue to be given roles.

Even though she and her husband are inexperienced, they hope to join their efforts to create a warm family. This photo was in her announcement blog post:

Kamo-san (her nickname) is 25. At 14, she was Lala-ru in Now and Then, Here and There. The next year, she was Miyu in Daa!Daa!Daa! The year after that she was Kisa Souma in Fruits Basket. She was Subaru in .hack//SIGN, Miho in Noein, Nunnally in Code Geass, Lynette Bishop in Strike Witches, Cossette in Les Miserables - Shoujo Cossette, Hiromi in true tears, Chloe in Spice & Wolf, Tsubomi in Naishou no Tsubomi, Kaja in Natsu no Arashi, and Tsukasa in Amagami SS.

In general, 2channel has taken the news in a positive way, congratulating her on her marriage, wishing her the best, and hoping she will continue as a seiyuu. But one poster wrote: "Let's all commit suicide...after Madoka Magica is over."

Here are some photos of her from over the past few years:


Anonymous said...

All the best to her and her husband. I love her works, hope to see more of her works in the future.

Andrew said...

That's always nice to hear. Did she say who the lucky guy is?

hashi said...

@Andrew -- She didn't, and I haven't seen a name or description mentioned in her 2channel thread yet, either.

banger said...

sounds so crazy to me that fans care whether a seiyuu is married or not...its kinda creepy. is it like that just with seiyuu, or also with regular actors or singers in japan too?

its also surprising that anime companies would play along and discriminate against those seiyuu as well. then again i don't know anything about business in japan. are there any examples of where getting married/being in a relationship ended any famous seiyuu careers?

Anonymous said...

Its also surprising that anime companies would play along and discriminate against those seiyuu
Did they do that?

hashi said...

@banger and anonymous2 -- I don't know particular names of seiyuu whose careers have been ended by marriage (or even a revealed boyfriend), but people talk as if it has happened.

And if fans will refuse to watch shows that such a seiyuu is in, I can understand companies deciding not to hire them.

The two marriages I know of in the past couple of years don't seem to have much harmed careers: Miyano Mamoru's shotgun marriage with his girlfriend, and Chiba Saeko's marriage. But Sae-chan was already over 30, and Mamo-chan is a guy. By the way, apparently Sae-chan's baby is a girl.