Monday, February 21, 2011

Seiyuu Photos: Kaida Yuuko and Paku Romi

Looking through a seiyuu image board, I was surprised by these photos of Kaida Yuuko and Paku Romi.

For this first one, Kaida says in her blog: "My favorite food -- Romi-neesan's breasts."

The leaflet is from a play produced by Paku-san which starred Miyano Mamoru and ran in Tokyo for a week. Its run ended last Thursday, the day these photos were posted on Kaida-san's blog. The short title is Sharaku 写楽. Full title and link, for anyone who wants to search it out: 戯伝 写楽 ~その男、十郎兵衛~.

At left is seiyuu/actress Fujiki Seiko. I'm not sure who the man is: Kaida calls him Director Kitabayashi.

Kaida Yuuko is an excellent seiyuu and stage actress who appears to make most of her living dubbing foreign TV shows and films. Recently, she has been Mari in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, and Marida Cruz in Gundam Unicorn. She is currently playing Elizabeth Maybury in Freezing.


Khrno said...

Yuuko-san is very daring!

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O.O wow

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