Friday, February 25, 2011

Seiyuu Radio: Yuuki Aoi With Hiyama Nobuyuki

At least on her days off, Yuuki Aoi is on the Internet all day, except for meals and the washroom. That is one of the things that came out during an enjoyable, wide-ranging guest appearance on veteran seiyuu Hiyama Nobuyuki's radio show.

Hiyama can speak extremely quickly, but the quick-tongued Ao-chan had no trouble keeping up with him. In the process, she answered the many questions that are part of his standard show, which is modeled after a visit to a hot spring, with a bath of quick questions, supposedly answered "nakedly," then a meal of discussing some photos brought in by the guest.

Here is the Ao-chan part of his 22 February show, with various mainly recent images of Ao-chan, and some translation following:


What animal are you most like? A squirrel.

What is your favorite food? Strawberries. ("Cutesy, me.")

What do you do on your day off? The Net.

What kind of guy do you like? Big brother type.

Whom do you admire? Sawashiro Miyuki.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Save it all.

What does she do on the Net? She likes anime and manga, and likes to draw, so she goes to artists' sites.

What does she like about Miyukichi? "Everything." Her work, her personality. Ao-chan has had the chance to go to dinner with her and learned so much from everything she said, especially about acting. "She's godly," said Ao-chan.

Why does she want to save her money? She's a nervous person and is always scared that she could lose everything.

She brought a photo of her family's pet squirrel, Popuri-kun. "Is it male?" "Yes...I think." It's not so easy to tell, and she really was too young to understand when she got Popuri-kun, but she has always thought of it as male. She joked that she thinks it probably thinks of itself as male, too.

There is no doubt about the gender of her cat, Amy. But cats are carnivores that are very frightening for small animals like squirrels. If Amy were a different animal, she would be a Tasmanian devil. She even frightens Ao-chan sometimes.

I chuckled at the early part where she made very certain he realized that her character was the star of  Madoka Magica. Clearly, she has read the comments saying that Mami or Sayaka is more prominent so far.

She also made a point of saying that the show was not really aimed at the normal young girl audience for mahou shoujo anime, but had an audience of people over 18, including a number of women. She said that in addition to the normal fighting evil, it was about magical girls falling apart, physically and spiritually.

Ao-chan said she enjoyed being on Hiyama's show, even though at first she was so nervous to be with such an admired senior seiyuu. Ao-chan was inventive, capable, and forthcoming, after she got over being nervous. She followed Hiyama, chiming in on his sometimes lame performances and matching his verbal gymnastics with her own. I think he was impressed with what he called his youngest-ever guest. With someone like Hanazawa Kana, she just took over their radio show. With Hiyama, she followed, and seemed sometimes to be sucking up to him. As a young seiyuu should, lol.

Hiyama's radio show can be found here, but is only playable by people in Japan (or connecting through a Japanese proxy server). Hiyama is 43. He was Guy in King of Braves GaoGaiGar; Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho; Muruta Azrael in Gundam Seed; Ri Kouyuu in Saiunkoku; and Madarame in Genshiken, among many others.

We are getting nearer to the day when the main 2010 Seiyuu Awards will be announced (Saturday 5 March). Ao-chan has been a seiyuu for more than five years, if we include her work under her birth name of Yabusaki Aoi, so she is not eligible for a "new seiyuu" award, unless they finesse things by only counting her work since she changed her stage name to Yuuki in 2007-8. She would have to be chosen as best supporting actress, for her work as Korone in Dai Maou, Sunako in Shiki, and Tatsuno in SoreMachi.


soul.assassin said...

She has real helluva potential in her voice alone, and her range and depth and speed has surprised me even in this clip; she can play old, she can play cute, she can play a young boy... heck, she can do almost anything!