Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seiyuu Video: Yuuki Aoi, Shitaya Noriko, Eguchi Takuya (Gosick)

Wonderful little clip from Monday night's TV broadcast featuring the stars of Gosick: Yuuki Aoi (Victorica), Eguchi Takuya (Kujou), and Shitaya Noriko (Avril).

Ao-chan shows how much she has grown up in the past year of professional success and going to college. She basically runs the show, and slips into Victorica's voice and personality at one point for a humorous put-down of Eguchi-san. As a NicoNico commentator says: "She's really S, isn't she?" S as in sadistic.

Here's the clip, from NicoNico Douga. Click the three dots in the lower right corner to toggle the comments on/off.

They begin by saying who they are and which character they play. Asked to describe the attraction of Gosick, Eguchi says he is a big fan of the novels, and that it is a thrill to see them come to life.

Shitaya-san says that Sakuraba-sensei, the author, has said how moved she was to see her characters moving around on the screen. Then she laughs at Eguchi for not looking at her while she talked.

He says he didn't mean anything by it and gets all flustered. Ao-chan slips into Victorica (around 1:25) to put him down for worrying about such inconsequential things.

Ao-chan says that everyone will find at least one aspect of the show to enjoy. At the end of the three-minute clip, she says that people may say, "Oh, these mysteries are nothing," but may then be surprised by what's coming. "Prepare yourselves," she says.

Reaction in the comments and in Ao-chan's 2channel thread is enthusiastic. Comment after comment says how incredibly cute she is. One says she is cute speaking, cute moving, and cute sitting still. Another announces the founding of a new nation, the "Kingdom of Aoi."

Here is another clip, showing her with Eguchi doing publicity for Gosick. They are cosplaying their roles, with Ao-chan proudly wearing the dress made for her by Innocent World:

I love her little "fufufu" of laughter when she shows off the dress. And the "tappuri" at 40 seconds, when she says they will "fully" lay out the appeal of Gosick, is an example of the intensity her voice can show.

She's a little ticked off at Eguchi at one point for breaking in when she is talking about her character, and there is a bit of amusing tension.

They allude to the relationship between Victorica and Kujou and decide there is nothing to do but watch and see what happens.

At around 1:40, she becomes Victorica again to put down Eguchi. "Can someone with as half-hearted a level of intelligence as you really talk about this?" I think she says.

They agree what a genius Victorica is, despite only being 15, but Ao-chan points out how many times she is saved by the sensible Kujou. They agree that she is hard to deal with, and at 2:24 Ao-chan jokingly calls her "tundere" -- a mispronunciation of tsundere that throws Eguchi off balance.

I like the machine-gun speed of Ao-chan's exposition around 2:50.

Then she becomes Victorica to play around with Eguchi as he talks about Kujou. She butts in with a comic "Hoohh?" a couple of times around 3:25 when he mentions the fact that Kujou is Japanese and that his father is an Imperial Army officer.

Talking about Cecile-sensei at 4:20, they agree that she is extremely cute. Ao-chan says that she makes even more of an impression in the anime, with her voice and movement. (She is played in the anime by Kano Yui).

After 5:00, Victorica introduces a "corner" (feature) called "From the wellspring of wisdom, Victorica explains -- Gosick Mystery Talk." Eguchi says his problem is that when he drinks coffee in a restaurant, he has to be near the washroom. Victorica criticizes him for his weakness, but eventually says the solution is simple: don't drink coffee.

Ao-chan seems to have dark circles under her eyes, which makes you think she has been working too much, in anime and at school -- or maybe playing Monster Hunter until late at night, lol. But I hope I really do see a bit of a reduction in that between this video and the first one, which was apparently recorded later.


Anonymous said...

2:57 why does she speak that way? is that the accent of where she grew up from? "hono... ega..." its adorable! xD

meta` said...

Hoohh? That had me laughing.

hashi said...

@anonymous -- I think that's just her. Not sure people from Chiba speak much differently from people from Tokyo, lol.

@meta` -- Me, too.

ChaelMi said...

the last part was funny, 'huh, m-masaka no...' lol

banger said...

what do you click on on that niconico douga site to start the video? i don't know any japanese so i am confused. do you have to have an account on that site or something? (i tried clicking a bunch of the links but no dice)

Furuba-tan said...

@banger: you need an account. google for a tutorial how you can get one.

and I love her "nya" after she introduced the show and herself. ¯◡◡¯
but the "hoohh?" is also naisu~ ^w^

hashi said...

@banger -- Sorry. I tried testing the embedded stream after logging out of my Niconico account, but maybe it remembered me.

If the embedded steam is working, there is just a big "Play" triangle in the middle of the screen you can click. You click it, then a few words come up ("loading..."). You have to wait then for the file to load. But even on the main site that file seems slow right now, so maybe it's just a temporary problem.

In any case, Googling "nico nico account" will find some fairly straightforward explanations (with pictures) of how to get an account.