Friday, February 11, 2011

Seiyuu Weather Reports: Tokyo Snow!

photo: Hikasa Youko
I know it snowed Friday in Tokyo because so many seiyuus have told me so in their blogs.

Hikasa Youko had the most atmospheric photo.

She wrote: "Snowsnowsnow! It's cold! But it makes me happy! Kyahou! (ノ>ω<)ノ"

Itou Kanae also had a nice photo.  Under the title "Snow!" she simply wrote: "It's cold (>Σ<)"

Kotobuki Minako wrote: "It started snowing this morning. This is Kotobuki, who loves snow and is listening to Remioromen's 'Powdered Snow.'" (A hit song from 2005. Link to YouTube.)

Takagaki Ayahi wrote: "It's snow! It's snow! This is Takagaki Ayahi, with her excitement level pretty high!

photo: Itou Kanae
"Examination students may find themselves greeted by snow for their exams. In any case, watch your step and keep warm!

"As the snow falls, familiar streets have a different feeling. I'm not used to seeing snow in Tokyo. Watching the snow, I think of a great room becoming whiter and whiter. I want to go back to Toyama ♪♪♪

"I'm wearing two Heat-Tech undershirts (lol), a long-sleeved T-shirt, a cardigan, and a big fluffy parka. The stylist is always surprised and says: 'You're wearing to much!' (lol) Butbutbut it looks like it's going to be cold again tomorrow, and I want to spend the day warm!

"Everyone, please be perfectly prepared for the cold before you set out from home!"

Young seiyuu Misawa Sachika wrote: "Last night, my little brother excitedly told me snow was falling by saying: 'Sacchan, open the window!'

"At night, it just seemed like dancing powdered snow, but when I got up there was snow everywhere. It was exciting! (・∀・)

"It's the first time snow has built up this year!(・∀・) Waai!"

photo: Misawa Sachika
And Yuuki Aoi, whose post was the first I saw, had no photo, but wrote what amounts to a sound poem. Not easy to translate the original, so I'll try to transliterate it instead. The only word is yuki "snow," but she bends it gradually into Yuuki, her stage surname. The word yuuki means courage, but her surname is written differently:

Yuki! Yuki!
Yuuuki! Yuuuki!
Σ ha...!
Yuki → yuki → yuuuki → yuukii → yuuki → Yuuki

Here's the original:




The Extroverted Otaku said...

As much as I want to visit Japan, I'm not a fan of the cold. Tho, I might go as Takagaki's described her attire.

And nice word play on her name for Yuuki ^^

Voster said...

Remioromen's Konayuki is really good...Kotobuki Minako has great taste in music!!

Anonymous said...

I think they would be less exited if there were as much snow as here in Finland. And as cold. This year's record is -36 celsius degrees. Now it's "only" minus 15 degrees. Check out this picture.

Anonymous said...

I looked through the window. Bloody Hell, snow again, another Pomeranian freezing winter morning. Well, it's nice to see someone is excited, and makes me think, those seiyuu should stop going to America and start visiting Europe, especially the Baltic area, so they would enjoy the snow (and we could build Gundam models with them).

Andrew said...

@Extroverted Otaku: Don't worry, it gets pretty hot and muggy in the summer. Japan's climate seems to be like the US east coast.

@both Anonymous: Yeah, they might not be as happy if they got as much snow as New York got this winter--apparently a record. And yes, more seiyuus should visit Europe (and I'm saying this as an American).