Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yumeiro Patissière -- Seiyuus at Wrap-up Party

After a 15-month run, the highly enjoyable (at least for the first year) Yumeiro Patissière ended in December. The wrap-up party was held last Thursday.

Fortunately, one of the seiyuus took some pictures. That was Misawa Sachika, who played the "sweets spirit" Café. Here she points to Café, and to her own signature:

Misawa-san turned 18 on January 13. She's wearing her school uniform in these pictures. She won a Kadokawa "idol seiyuu"contest in 2009, when she was 16. Photos are from her blog.

Misawa-san with Yonaga Tsubasa, who plays Cafe's partner, Hanabusa Itsuki.
He taught her a lot about acting and about getting along with people.
He was like "a big brother, a big sister, or a mother" to her.

With Yuuki Aoi, who starred as Ichigo. Misawa said she loves her
and was looking forward to seeing her again at the party.

With Taketatsu Ayana, who plays another sweets spirit, Ichigo's partner Vanilla.
At the party, the super-cute Ayanyan stroked Sachika's head and said: "You're getting so cute."

With Yamaoka Yuri, who plays the sweets spirit Chocolat. They sat near each other during recording,
so they talked a lot, and walked to the train station together.

With eleven-year-old Iino Mayu, who plays the sweets spirit Caramel (and extremely well, in my opinion). Sachika says that Iino was the show's idol. Mayu-chan told Sachika she liked her a lot, so Sachika became all deredere toward her.

With Kitamura Eri, who played top senior student Tennouji Mari.
Sachika got a lot of advice from her during recording, and a lot of fun talk during breaks.

With Okamoto Nobuhiko, who plays Kashino, and "has a very gentle manner."
Is it my imagination, or is Sachika's smile bigger in this photo than in any other?

With Yahagi Sayuri (Koshiro, Ichigo's rival) and Satou Satomi (Kanako).

Back (l-r): Yonaga Tsubasa (Hanabusa-kun), Hamazoe Shinya (Andou-kun), Yamaoka Yuri (Chocolat).
Front (l-r): Ishihara Kaori (Clara Hunt/Estragon), Ogura Yui (Ringo/Mint), Misawa Sachika.
Look at all those high-school uniforms.

back (l-r): Misawa Sachika, Toudou Mai (Ameya-sensei), Ogura Yui (Ringo/Mint),
pastry supervisor Aoki Sadaharu  of Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris, Kodama Asumi (Rumi).

Click final pic for larger size.

To tell the truth, I was not particularly enthusiastic about Misawa Sachika's voice as Café, but I do wish her luck and more roles.


Furuba-tan said...

the asian girls (yeah, not only japanese) really like to make the victory sign in photos. (^Д^)
my cousins over there (not japan) also do that always.