Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yuuki Aoi's Eyebrows

Japanese fans comment on how prominent Yuuki Aoi's eyebrows are. Sometimes to poke fun, sometimes to say they look good.

It appears that Ao-chan herself has accepted this as part of her image. In a recent magazine feature, she includes her own drawing of herself, emphasizing the eyebrows (right).

This is one in a series called "Aoi's a-i-u-e-o." "A-i-u-e-o" are the first five letters of the Japanese syllabic alphabet. This particular week's feature was based on the letter "su," the first letter in "supootsu" (sports), and includes photos of her dressed for tennis (see bottom of page). She has said before that sports is not her thing.

Now, her eyebrows aren't all that prominent, as you will see from the photos that follow. But they are sufficiently prominent that she almost always wears her bangs long enough to cover them.

In their fairly gross way, some 2channel posters have speculated on the amount of hair elsewhere on her body.

Anyway, here are some photos showing her eyebrows:

When she was nine, on Appare Sanma Dai Sensei

Aged about 14, from her old blog

In a publicity message for Yumeiro Patissiere

Cosplaying the ED for Soremachi

With Hirakawa Daisuke, her co-star in Hyakka Ryouran
(click this and some of the other photos to enlarge)


RP said...

Geez. Fans are nitpicky. I wouldn't have noticed a thing. They looked perfectly normal to me.

ChaelMi said...

well, it's kinda thick for a girl's eyebrow, but i won't even notice it if i haven't see this post! xD

hashi said...

As I said, they don't seem that thick to me, either -- but they are thicker than most seiyuus have. Eyebrows as part of Japanese feminine beauty goes back over a thousand years, to when it was the fashion to shave your eyebrows and repaint quite broad ones above them, like this.

The Extroverted Otaku said...

It does look slightly prominent but who am I to say when I've got the same or more thickness than her. haha. As long as it doesn't form a bridge, I think she looks fine ^^