Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Last Exile: Toyosaki Aki, Yuuki Aoi to Star in New Series

The new Last Exile series -- Ginyoku no Fam ("Silverwing Fam") -- now has a cast:

Toyosaki Aki (Fam)
Yuuki Aoi (Giselle)
Kayano Ai (Miria Il Verku Kutorettora Touran)
Okitsu Kazuyuki (Ruskinia Hafez)

Matsukaze Masaya (Alauda)
Kitamura Eri (Tatiana)

The show will have its "world premiere" in Los Angeles in July, at Anime Expo.

official site
Anime News Network
AnimeSuki forum

I listed the cast in the order on the official site. 


myswordisunbelievablydull said...

Toyosaki Aki + Yuuki aoi = yes please

animekritik said...

I didn't know this was coming!!

Is the seiyuu cast completely new?

Are the characters all new?

beneaththetangles said...

Yay, more info on the new series! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Ai Kayano tambem está detonando
sendo escolhida para varios personagens

ChaelMi said...

this will be airing on july! OTL
but still, its something to look forward to

hashi said...

@animekritik -- I just skimmed the story outline on the official site, and it appears that we are dealing with a different pair of countries at war on the same world as in the first anime. Not sure about time frame. The mecha will be different. Apparently one bigger country is about to crush a smaller country. Fam (Aki-chan) and her friend Giselle (Ao-chan) are girls from the lesser country who set out to steal a battleship.

KitaEri (Tatiana) is the only VA named so far who was in the previous show.

Kamon said...

The only returning character I see is Tatiana, and she's still voiced by KitaEri.

Anonymous said...

Toyosaka Aki and Yuuki Aoi are also working together on Beelzebub

sorry my english!!
I am braziliam!!