Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Madoka Magica Passes Haruhi as 2channel's Most Popular Anime Ever

After only eight episodes, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has passed the original series of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu as the most popular current anime ever on the Japanese discussion board 2channel.

The ranking is based on number of posts during an anime's initial run and up to three months after it. Here is the full top ten list (source):

#1 -- Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (465,000 posts)
#2 -- Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 1 (464,000)
#3 -- K-On!! (359,000)
#4 -- K-On! (354,000)
#5 -- Angel Beats (342,000)
#6 -- Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2 (283,000)
#7 -- Code Geass R2 (277,000)
#8 -- Minami-ke Okawari (254,000)
#9 -- Strike Witches (253,000)
#10 -- Strike Witches 2 (233,000)

Since the time the list was prepared, less than 24 hours ago, about ten thousand posts have been added to MadoMagi's total. The person who compiled the list did not count the six threads (6000 posts) that had been filled before the show began airing. The full total number of posts as of this moment is approaching 481,000.

It remains to be seen if this show can maintain the strength that Haruhi has. Posts about the two Haruhi series have just kept coming since they were broadcast in 2006 and 2009, and the total for both shows is now over 1,700,000 posts.

In any case, the show's high quality and the way it subverts the magical girl genre have obviously struck a chord with Japanese otaku.


Pure said...

Not a surprise to hear this. Absolutely my favorite new anime series. I'd say the scene in episode 3 that we all know about really got people talking and people continued on to see what would happen next. To me, Madoka Magica is always exciting and enthralling, and leaves me wanting more and more like an addict.

Also, I'd love to see the otakus' response if Madoka never becomes a mahou shoujo.

hashi said...

@Pure -- To confirm your specualtion that ep3 was the key, check out this post on AnimeSuki, which has a nice bar chart showing how post numbers suddenly jumped around ep3. They jumped again with last week's episode, ep8.

I'm pretty sure we will see Madoka transform, sooner or later.

Hogart said...

No surprise. All the stars were aligned for this one to be a massive success. People have been waiting for a "dark" mahou shoujo for years now, and a lot of people apparently fell for the "this is going to be a cute kid's show" troll.

Besides, people love drama. And nothing gets the drama flowing like by-the-numbers Faust and a willingness to kill characters. Not to mention psychologically abusing children, an anime staple since at least Evangelion.

To top it off, it's actually a pretty solid show for what it is.. so yeah, this has every right to be a success story, even if it's nothing THAT special when you strip away the usual excessive fandom.

lvlln said...

Wow, toppling the great Haruhi! That's pretty amazing. Of course, this could be a function of time, as more people are likely to be online now than back in 2006. Still, the fact that Haruhi's record stood for as long as it did - and so much above the 2nd placer - shows how difficult a task it still is.

I'm surprised that Bakemonogatari isn't on the list, considering just how insanely popular that show proved to be. I mean, on a per-volume basis, it was easily the best selling TV anime not named Gundam!

Anime Kazuhiko oki said...

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Furuba-tan said...

hm, you are writing about posts, but isn't it about the number of threads? (スレ)
and this way there were 465 threads, not 465'000.

hashi said...

@Furuba-tan -- It's always hard to know how to post about 2channel threads: in thread numbers -- and explain what that means -- or just to approximate the number of posts, and not get into the details. I chose to go the latter way this time, and not to sweat 500 posts in 400,000.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Kyo-Ani is the one rumored behind that cancellation plan but it won't work. No more, 9/11, too ecchi for a children's time slot, nice boat, or whatever reasons to cut off the anime series.

Mockman said...

Madoka Magica is a monster -- a mad, rocket-fuelled monster.

The creators have done a wonderful job of riding waves of mystery. As truths are revealed, new mysteries are discovered. A bit of writing on a wall, combined with a strange proposition managed to tease all the literary geeks out of the woodwork to debate Faust and to analyse entrails. MAL's fora are filled with hundreds of such posts.

I have to say that it's my favourite show since Bakemonogatari. Haruhi is probably my favourite overall. Both those shows ended strongly.

My hopes are high that this show will as well. Now I have to go psych myself up so I can immerse myself in the latest episode.

Michelle Pendlelton said...

It's not that surprising that Madoka Magica is getting more popular than Haruhi, since it is loaded with surprises in terms of you would think that this is just another magical girl anime and it is loaded with grimdark storytelling after all beneath that cute exterior, even though it isn't as dark and gritty as the movie Akira.

Currently, while transferring the other anime (movies, OVA, etc.) on my external hard drive, I'll marathon it on stream (then DL it afterward).