Thursday, April 07, 2011

A-Channel -- Characters/Seiyuus Pics and Info

The first episode of A-Channel was as enjoyable as I expected: absurd humor purveyed by seiyuus who do something with their roles. Here is a page with pics of the characters and their seiyuus, and a bit of info about each seiyuu.

Yuuki Aoi is perfect as quiet, obsessed Tooru. And Fukuhara Kaori may be elevating her career with a nice turn as sunny Run. But I was most struck by Kotobuki Minako's work as their friend Yuuko.

Little Tooru is a year younger than Run, and the show begins with her passing the exams to get into Run's school. Tooru's affection for Run is fairly extreme. She makes every effort to keep Yuuko and others away from her beloved, even carrying a baseball bat around with her for the purpose....

Good work from the seiyuus for the students, but the teachers may be an even more starry crew: Sawashiro Miyuki, Ono Daisuke, and Chihara Minori.

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魔法少女 said...

I really enjoyed the first episode!
Tooru's extremely cute and Aoi-chan's voice is perfect on her!
Aoi's voice on Tooru kind of reminds her voice on Noel in Sora no Woto, doesn't it? But, well, somehow the characters are similar so it's really fine!

Oh, but the dialectical speaking of Minako sounded weird to me, I can't really say I liked it. But, well, it's just the first episode :)

hashi said...

@ 魔法少女 -- It's a new voice, but I thought it was more like Korone from Dai Maou. Maybe it's Noel as Korone, lol.

I liked the Kansai accent. On the other hand, the foreign accent on the loli in Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai was very hard to take -- until I got into it and realized that the seiyuu was giving us something special (she's Aoki Sayaka, who was Kyon's imouto in Haruhi).

Peanutbutter003 said...

An anime by the team that did Saki, and basically, the Ryuumonbuchi team in Saki is casted here. Haha..

魔法少女 said...

@Hashi -- I haven't watched Dai Maou so I can't really say if I agree XD
Anyway I like the Kansai accent too, but I don't like Minako's Kansai accent!
Maybe I just have to get used to it, but I preferred her dialect accent on Kanon in Umi Monogatari, it was more natural somehow.

@Peanut Butter -- Ahahah you're right!! I liked Saki too (Seiyuus included, of course) and I also really....REALLY like the yuri aura in it (well, more than just an aura he-eh!)

Kyuusai said...

Eeh, I was disappointed.

This show should have been one of the season's hits. It had genuinely funny, clever source material (even if the settings/characters were cookie-cutter).

Trying to turn a slightly twisted gag manga into a sappy anime doesn't work. The source material and the attempted presentation work against each other. Failing at timing and exploiting the jokes, the core of the series, means it fails.

The voice talent doesn't carry it, either. Rockstar seiyuu with no direction or real opportunity to shine. (On a side note, I'm not buying Yuuko's Kansai accent, but the voice is great.)

hashi said...

@Kyuusai -- All I can say is that it worked for me. But then again, I like things that other people sometimes describe as "sappy." And it was in fact those nice moments between the characters that I liked best. But I thought the bizarre humor also worked, myself.

I just had another look at the beginning of the manga, and except for one no-pan moment, it's pretty similar to the anime. But the anime does stretch each sequence out a bit: four images per joke would go too fast, both for the audience and for the future of the series.

As for "rock star seiyuu," that's a nice phrase, but I'm not sure how it applies, except as a vague criticism. Ao-chan isn't a big star, just a great seiyuu. Mina-chan is a star, I guess, for one role. Kaorin isn't a star, and Uchiyama Yumi is a newbie.

Oh, well, we'll see how things go. I lost interest in K-On. I think that Ao-chan and the comparative bizarreness (and yuriness) of this show will keep me here, but time will tell.

As for the Kansai accent, it does sound stilted, but Kotobuki Minako in fact comes from Kobe, so she should know what a Kansai accent sounds like. If there is anything wrong with it, maybe she will fix it in future episodes.

Anonymous said...

I am dissapointed as well. Mostly because Ao-chan has a rather silent role, not that I find such parts bad, but as a fan of her's I'd prefer her roles to be more talkative. When it comes to the show itself, after the first episodes, Nichijou is winning by far in my mind.

As for Kotobuki's accent (per se)- it isn''t half bad, it's not Osakan, which you would expect from that type of character, but it sounds "Kansai enough", so it may be from Kobe (I've decided to believe that, as I don't know a thing about it).
Her lines however are written in "Edokko Kansai Ben"- something that for Tokyo people looks like Kansai Ben, but in reallity is far from it (it has almost every 'arahen' substituted with 'nai', which particulary gets on my nerves), a thing typical for, let's say, Shounen Jump.

Anyhow, though it's not about A Channel anymore, there should be more Kansai Ben in anime. Omoroi yakara ;)