Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha -- Characters/Seiyuus Pics/Info

Hanasaku Iroha has gotten off to a great start. Good story, with complex characters. Almost like a drama rather than an anime. Great backgrounds and animation. And excellent voice work, especially from Itou Kanae as the lead.

So, wanting to get straight who's who and who plays whom, I have made a characters/seiyuus page, with pics and a bit of info about the characters and their seiyuus.

One thing that struck me as I looked up the seiyuus: a lot of the supporting voices are very active in dubbing foreign TV and film, and even as TV actors. So we can expect some good acting -- and we are getting it, so far.

Click here or on the image to go to the full page:

One of the interesting things here is Omigawa Chiaki's voice: something new, neither the awkward voice nor the moe one.Perhaps it's just because her character is a woman of few words, but I didn't realize it was her until I saw the credits.


hatsuhatsu said...

I'm surprised that the head waitress was voiced by Noto Mamiko! Oh and Haruka Tomatsu is part of the cast as well can't wait to hear how will she voiced her character.
anyway nice post

OtaAgg said...

Omigawa Chiaki's new voice was certainly fresh. She was still recognizable, especially during the kitchen scene. Nonetheless, her voice wasn't nearly as unbearable as before, and it's definitely a welcomed change :)

Awesome cast here. Seeing Noto Mamiko playing such a hyper role was amusing XD

Kyuusai said...

This show has spectacular production values all around, and the performances are no exception.

It was nice to hear Toyosaki Aki doing something than the same voice she used for Yui in K-On and Nessa in Fractale.

It was AWESOME to hear Noto Mamiko in a much more lively role than she normally plays. She does this kind of thing so *well* that I can't believe her typical roles are so limited in range (although she does those well, too).

Soul's Rhapsody said...

@ Kyuusai
I don't think it was Toyosaki Aki who did Nessa in Fractale 0_o I'm pretty sure it was Hanasawa Kana.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the Genki-MamiMami from Narue no Sekai is at it again, a welcomed sight.

Apart from that, Omigawa really suprised me. Hell, I didn't realize it was her until I read this post.