Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Japanese Poll: Top Heroines of the Winter Anime Season

A Japanese poll has chosen Hanazawa Kana's reverse trap character, Charlotte Dunois of Infinite Stratos, as the most popular heroine of the winter 2011 season.

My own choice -- Yuuki Aoi's Victorica, of Gosick -- is a distant second. She has 16% of the votes (403 votes), compared to Charlotte's 29% (734 votes).

And Saitou Chiwa's Homura, of Madoka Magica, is well behind in third place, at 12% (295 votes).

Others high in the list include Cecilia Alcott of Infinite Stratos (Yukana, 178 votes), Kyouko of Madoka Magica (Nonaka Ai, 158 votes), and Mikoto of Index (Satou Rina, 142 votes).

Voting continues.


marinasauce said...

Well, I can understand why "Char" is so popular, since she is definitely the best female character of IS. Though my tastes align with yours; Victorique is my favorite female of all the Winter 2011 anime. A close second would probably be Kyoko of Madoka.

Pure said...

My vote would go to Tomoe Mami from Madoka Magica. Surprising how much of an impact she had for me in her limited time. Close second for Akemi Homura.

Chau said...

I'm not surprised that "Char" has won the top heroines of the winter anime season. Since when I watched the show in which "Char" turned up, I was always amazed by the how a well-designed beautiful girl had the best characteristics a woman can possibly have. She's certainly the best Heroine I've seen so far.

caitlyn said...

I agree, Victorique for the win.

And I don't care if Charlotte is the most amazing character ever created, I couldn't get through an episode of that crapfest of a show they called IS without throwing up in my mouth at least once.

skchai said...

The Blog Ranking poll originated with and points to a similar Vipper poll, but they are running their own poll now with different and pretty dubious results, since choices are limited and anyone can vote without registering. Charlotte is top in both pools, but it looks like someone cares enough to stuff the ballot to make the margin bigger in the Blog Ranking poll. The Vipper poll results are:

202 Charlotte/Charles (IS)
198 Victorique(GOSICK)
144 Laura (IS)
143 Cecilia(IS)
137 Meri (Yumekui Meri)
120 Tomonori (KoreZon)
100 Homura (Madoka Magica)
88 Eu (KoreZon)
82 Kyoko (Madoka Magica)
65 Nessa (Fractale)

etc. Both polls are self-selected. You can also see how Vipper "don't vote for the main character unless she's abnormal" norms might be voting against Houki or Madoka. But it's more reflective of the audience that is the target market of these shows.

Success of IS characters is not surprising given its shockingly high BD/DVD sales. Vippers were predicting about 10K instead of close to 30K/volume, and lower than Star Driver, which seems pretty unlikely now. Will be interesting to see what Madoka Magica first volume sells. What is interesting is the popularity of the KoreZon characters, since the first volume barely crossed manabi (3000K) line, and sold about half as many as Freezing. But there are no Freezing characters on the list, even though no shortage of "heroines".

hashi said...

@skchai -- Thanks for the Vipper poll, which seems a little more reasonable. The poll I link to lets one vote every day.

IS is a show I never really got. Why it is so popular is beyond me. I preferred Freezing, lol.

skchai said...

Pure may be glad (?) to know that at least Mami is 11th with 57 votes on the Vipper poll.

Sorry for the typo about KoreZon. If they actually sold 3000K it would be pretty nice for them - around the ballpark of all of Ghibli and Disney's offerings combined!

Haven't watched IS myself - though I guess I should at least try now. I don't remember that much of a pre-season buzz about it even among the battle fan-service connoisseurs. Nice cast, though, including work for Toyoguchi Megumi, and pretty spectacular TV animation debut for 8-Bit.

Thanks Hashi, for always finding such interesting stuff in the anisphere and writing about it so accurately.

ChaelMi said...

1 point lead over victorica...

Anonymous said...

is this some kind of a joke??!! Charlotte, won??! best heroine??!! oh c'mon. give me a break. char is nice but how can people choose he over madoka's houmura's epicness??!!

This poll is SHIT!!

Dakuro said...

Well i will choose Victorique from Gosick too but in this case I choose Charlotte de Noah from infinite strattos.