Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Newtype Readers' Favorite Anime Characters

Readers of Newtype magazine keep choosing Sheryl Nome as their favorite female anime character. The most recent list is:

1. Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier, played by Endou Aya, #1 last time)
2. Mio (K-On, played by Hikasa Youko, #7 last time)
3. Homura (Madoka Magika, played by Saitou Chiwa, not in the last list)
4. Yui (K-On, played by Toyosaki Aki, #5 last time)
5. Charlotte (Infinite Stratos, played by Hanazawa Kana, not in the last list)
6. Index (To Aru Majutsu no Index, played by Iguchi Yuka, #9 last time)
7. Victorica (Gosick, played by Yuuki Aoi, #3 last time)
8. Merry (Yumekui Merry, played by Sakura Ayane, same last time)
9. Saber (Fate/Zero, played by Kawasumi Ayako, #4 last time)
10. Madoka (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, played by Yuuki Aoi, same last time)

K-On and Madoka Magica are the only shows with more than one name in the list. And Yuuki Aoi is the only seiyuu with two characters in the list (click image to enlarge):



Anonymous said...

macross frointer


hashi said...

@anonymous -- Please explain. I didn't understand your comment.

Westlo said...

Sheryl has only dropped out of the Newtype poll once since she first entered it back in early 2007.

The one time she dropped out the polls were influenced by the K-ON manga ending and had all 5 K-ON girls in it...

Anyway Sheryl finished #4 for Females for 2010 in Newtype, I think she's in a very good position to take the #1 spot for 2011. I'm pretty sure Newtype look @ how each girl has performed over the year (like say #1 in Jan and #2 in Feb is 19 points)

Jan = 2nd
Feb = 7th
March = 4th
April = 1st
May = 1st

If 2nd movie is released towards the end she has it.

Westlo said...

early 2008 i meant, not 2007.

Anonymous said...

@hashi.I wanted to ask in this video.
Which one is Marina Inoue and which one is Mikuni Shimokawa?

hashi said...

@anonynmous2 -- Marina is the one who sings first, looks younger, and has the black scarf around her neck.

Anonymous said...

@hashi Oh I see.

soul.assassin said...

After Episode 10, Homura emerged as the most popular character in PMMM, eclipsing even the titular heroine. Factors such as her previous behavior as a frail, sickly girl, her moe appearance (glasses, pigtails and shy, simpering mannerisms), and more importantly, her dramatic backstory and transformation of personality, all contributed to her current standing in the character polls.

On a related note, in Japantor's version of the ISML, Homura is in the quarterfinals: