Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yuuki Aoi Answers Questions

Where does Yuuki Aoi want to travel? To the 2D world. That was one of her answers to questions posed by Animedia magazine.

Here is the page of answers. Translation below the pic: (click to enlarge)

name: Yuuki Aoi
nickname: Ao-chan
birthday: March 27
astrological sign: Aries
blood type: A
place of birth: Raised in the woods
agency: Pro-Fit

Stimulus for becoming a seiyuu: Sawashiro-san

Role that was the turning point in your seiyuu career: They have all been wonderful. I can't choose.

Work you've enjoyed in the past year: Recently I have had all kinds of work and have gotten over my nervousness and have been able to enjoy them all. 

Work motto or favorite saying: To thoroughly become my character and thoroughly become a friend.

Favorite music or musician: DECO*27-san's songs , Hachi-san's songs, RAD and BUMP  and Kanno-san's songs.

Movies or anime, etc., you like: Alice in Wonderland, Transformers (I really like QQ).

What type do you like: Someone who looks good in a pilot suit (Lyle or Lyle or...) [hashi: A pilot suit as in Gundam00.]

The thing you laughed at recently: When Eimi fell into the toilet (washing her afterwards, etc.). [hashi: Eimi is her cat.]

What is your fetish right now: "Hanasaki to kuchibiru" [hashi: This means "the tip of the nose and the lips." It could refer to drawing those parts of the body, to doing other things to them, or perhaps to the artist called Hanasaki ni Kuchibiru.] 

Where would you like to travel: Into the 2D world!!

What are you into right now: Decorating my notebooks with stickers and drawings.

What is your charm point?  I'm being continuously polished these days. My nails are glittering.

Whom do you respect? Sawashiro-san.

What book has left a deep impression on you? (including manga) The Takase Boat. [classic 1916 short story by Mori Ogai]

What thoughts do you have about Animedia? Please give us a message on the 30th anniversary. Both with work and for my own enjoyment, Animedia has always been good to me! From now on, too, pleeeze give me wonderful moe information!!!

Coming work and PR: I will work hard at it all! Please support me...///


I love the idea that she wants to travel to the 2D world. She is certainly trying to convince us that she is a real otaku. I for one believe her.

Link through to audio of her music choices, which are pretty interesting. She likes doujin music, among other things.

She certainly wastes no opportunity of praising Sawashiro Miyuki. They worked together as long ago as 2005, when Ao-chan was 13, in Onegai My Melody. But they were the stars of Kurenai, in 2008, and Murasaki in Kurenai was Ao-chan's breakthrough role. One imagines that she learned a lot from "Sawashiro-san" at that time.

Sometimes Ao-chan seems quite grown up. But then she reveals that she is decorating her notebooks with stickers and drawings, and suddenly she seems 14.

There are some points where I am not completely sure of the translation, so please let me know if you see any problems.


perceefinesse said...

Yuuki Aoi definitely seems to make for enjoyable interviews... it'd be interesting to see how she'd handle future ones, since she certainly injected a lot of humor and charm into this one. A fascinating read, without question. Most Aries that I have met and known seemed eccentric and enigmatic, yet also cool and humble... IMHO, Aoi seems to fall into that category.

She's definitely got good taste to want to follow in Sawashiro Miyuki's footsteps... to me, she couldn't have chosen a better role model and inspiration. Who knows? She may very well become the next Sawashiro in skill.

Furuba-tan said...

"birth place: raised in the woods" lol? what does she mean by that? is that an insider joke?

hashi said...

@Furuba-tan -- I thought it was just an offhand joke to avoid actually saying where she lived. If it had a referent, it was perhaps either to some game I am not familiar with or to the fact that she grew up in Chiba rather than Tokyo itself. Mainly though, I thought she was just joking that she was (a) a hick and/or (b) a magical entity from Nature.