Saturday, April 09, 2011

Yuuki Aoi: Aoi's ABC's

Every month in Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine, there is a page featuring photos and talk from Yuuki Aoi.

The page is called "Aoi no a-i-u-e-o," which is like saying "Aoi's ABC's," since "a-i-u-e-o" are the first five syllables of the Japanese syllabic alphabet.

Every month, things whose names start with a particular syllable are featured. This month's syllable is "he," and the word is the English loan word "vejitaburu." (the syllable "ve" is written in Japanese as a form of "he." Japanese is complicated, lol.) Ao-chan says she has always loved to eat vegetables.

In any case, someone has posted the series of pages (eight so far) on 2channel, and here they are, in reverse order (click to enlarge):

Until now, Ao-chan has never been what you would call an "idol seiyuu." She has been a technical and acting seiyuu. But now she has begun to sing and make appearances and do radio shows and appear in magazine features.

But she is always comparatively covered up. Natural modesty or natural lack of self-confidence? Not sure. Ao-chan started as a TV performer and drama actress when she was little. Then she got a bit plump in junior high and high school and seems to have stepped away from show business a bit. I suspect she thought of herself as not attractive. She certainly thinks of herself as an otaku. And although she denies it, I think she may be a bit of a fujoshi. She certainly loves gothic lolita style.

Male otaku on 2channel are divided as to whether she is cute or plain.

In any case, as you look at these photos, remember that Ao-chan is only 4'9" (145cm) tall.

Ao-chan is great as Tooru in the first episode of A-Channel. And she continues to be wonderful as Victorica in Gosick.


魔法少女 said...

I personally think that Aoi's very talented and CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE (her height makes her even cuter!).

Thanks for sharing the pics :)

Voster said...

She's the best.
Thanks for the photos.

perceefinesse said...

Aoi Yuuki, now she's smooth sensational/
Educational, here to awaken you/
On top of you, rocking you, here to get popular...

She is definitely one of the best... a rare combination of looks AND talent, and years ahead of her time when it comes to her skills as a voice actress, in my honest opinion.

Thank you very much for posting these pictures.

Anonymous said...

More power to Madoka. I've set April 21 as my red-letter day. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Aoi is abit of a fujioshi.

hashi said...

@anonymous -- As to why I think she's somewhat of a fujoshi, it comes from three things: one, that she once showed a stack of mangas on her blog that someone said on 2channel was a BL series; two, she specifically said that she has fujoshi friends but wasn't really one herself; and three, she clearly likes gothic lolita style. None of this is proof, of course.

As for why she became one, if she is, if you look at the blog she ran when she was in her mid-teens, she seems like a plump girl with a nice face, not glamorous at all, very much a daddy's girl, with friends who are not glamorous either.

Here is the pictures album from her old blog. Here is a page about her as a TV actress, when she was around twelve.

soul.assassin said...

No surprises but great pleasure for me (and every one of them MadokaBros) if she cosplays as Madoka, just as she'd done Victorique in full gothic lolita style. :D