Monday, April 25, 2011

Yuuki Aoi: Country Girl in the City

Yuuki Aoi grew up in Chiba prefecture, just east of Tokyo, and considers herself a bit of a country bumpkin. Here is something she posted in her blog a few hours ago:


I have finally gotten used to riding the subway... a train rider, but hasn’t had to transfer to a subway...
I’ve grown up!!
In the past, I often used to call my childhood friends Tomii and Takenda in tears after picking the wrong train...
And then, outside the station, I couldn’t remember which bus to get on!
I’ll show you that I can free myself from being a country bumpkin!!!!

2011.04.25  10:34PM

I'm pleased that Ao-chan has started posting to her blog more often these days. 


Yoshii-kun said...

In Chiba and a country-bumpkin?
Haha, good one Yuuki.

I wonder how those staying even further away feel. ^^"

perceefinesse said...

Yuuki Aoi's sense of humor is untouchable, without question.

Her wit is quite sharp for someone as young as she is, to say the least.

hashi said...

@Yoshii-kun -- Lol. There are actual countryfied areas of Chiba prefecture -- I've taken a local train near Narita and walked through fields -- but the town itself is an industrial and residential suburb of Tokyo, as I understand it. I don't know where Ao-chan lived/lives, except that she is listed as having grown up in "Chiba". I may be wrong, but I think of Chiba as being similar to New Jersey: some fairly unpleasant urban areas and some fairly beautiful countryside.