Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yuuki Aoi: Gosick Live Event Report

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Today in Akihabara, there were three small events in honor of the release of the first BD/DVDs of Gosick. Fans who bought one of the releases could come up and speak with Yuuki and with Eguchi Takuya for a few seconds, and be given a towel and a poster.

In her blog, Ao-chan says she knows she is in a profession in which people have very short careers, and since she is so aware of her inadequacies, she is continually surprised that people still want her around.

Here is a rough translation of today's blog post:

2011.04.23    Thank you for coming

The Gosick gift event!
Thank you for coming!
Although noisy stage events are wonderfully enjoyable,
I totally love things like the gift event, where everyone could come so close,
After it was over, I ended up tired but happy (*´ω`*)
Somehow I was glad that I had worked so hard...
The field of acting that I have been given a place in has no firm measuring stick.
It’s not a matter of being a pro or not.
There are many areas in which I really feel that my ability is not there yet.
So it's difficult to hear everyone say how much they like me.
“Everyone who came today is my friend, so they had to say that....” something I should avoid thinking....

This is a profession with a quick cycle, and I can’t help always feeling that I will someday not be needed.
But when I get letters or e-mails or blog comments to read,
Hearing that there are still people who need me makes me want to work even harder!!
I especially get that kind of power from events.
I love them!
To the people who came all three times today,
to those who thought to bring me a present,
to the people who came to support me from so far away,
to the people who come to all my events,
to those who told me they were there for the first time,
to those who didn’t come today but who give me power through e-mails and letters...
I really get all kinds of power from all kinds of people.
I hope I can give you as much in enjoyment as you have given me.
I gave my all in trying to talk with everyone///
And Yuuki...enjoyed it a lot!!
Really, thank you so much for today!
It makes me happy that you will watch the show to the end and watch over Victorica’s growth (+Yuuki’s growth...)
I guess that becoming as good an actor as I can is the best way to repay you...!
I will work diligently

The event was scheduled to end at 5pm, and she posted this at 6:30pm.

People who attended have posted in Ao-chan's thread on 2channel. One called the event "heart-warming." Another said she seemed candid and friendly when he spoke with her. Another said she looked happy.

She has gone back from her perm to straight hair, and told one poster the change was quite recent.

One poster said he asked her to recommend a game, and she said she was enjoying the RPG fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy. He bought it immediately and said he was enjoying it himself.

The attendees were of all ages and genders, mainly young men, but also older men and a number of young women.

The only complaint people had was that the time they had with her -- about ten seconds each -- was too short. Many people wasted half of it in nervous silence.

In other Yuukinews, she posted more details on her blog about the dress and hat she is giving to a charity auction. She said she wore them for the Gosick special program and for an Anison Plus+ appearance.

She added that they have been cleaned and have no smells or dirt on them. I'm sure she realizes how some of her fans might treat them. I don't doubt she occasionally visits her 2channel thread, where people express some fairly creepy wishes.

She and numerous other seiyuus and entertainers appear in a public service magazine ad for outdoor exercise. She says (pic at right) that she is an indoor girl, but that her father loves the outdoors and takes them camping and bike-riding every summer.


Yoshii-kun said...

Awwww... I really like her perm : (

Julius_Firefocht said...

Considering the last 2 episodes of Madoka Magica just aired to wide acclaim, I won't be surprised if more than half of the event attendees were there to meet and greet Yuuki Aoi because she voiced Madoka rather than Victorique.

perceefinesse said...

Yuuki Aoi shouldn't doubt for a second how skillful she is... nowadays, she is one of the best, without question.

And I definitely hope that she decides to stay in the seiyuu industry... it wouldn't be the same without her. Someone as young as her to come along and be as intelligent as she is and have her level of finesse and infinite potential is EXTREMELY rare.