Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yuuki Aoi & Hayami Saori: New Radio Show Starts

A combination that many fans have long hoped for has suddenly hit the air: the first episode of Yuuki Aoi and Hayami Saori's new radio show was posted today. The show's provisional title is..."Aoi and Saori's New Show."

These are my two favorite young seiyuus -- Ao-chan (right) for her seiyuu voice and Saori (left) more for her singing voice.

Fans in both women's 2channel threads are also pleased. As a post in Hayami-san's thread said, these may be the two top female seiyuus of the next generation. Another poster said the show was "tremendously funny." One in Ao-chan's thread said the atmosphere was "exceptionally good." Another said: "Now I can die happy."

The two are both nineteen (although Saori is ten months older), and both go to university. But they are very different personalities. Ao-chan is a fairly wild-talking otaku, and Hayamin is an elegant young lady. One poster said that it was a perfect match: Ao-chan's wonderful boke and Hayamin's thoughtfulness. (The boke is the fool in a comedy duo.)

I myself felt they were sometimes not on the same wavelength, and the contrast was a bit disturbing, as well as fruitful.

Ao-chan said she liked action films. Saori said she didn't go to those, but went to comedies and human dramas, especially those that tend to make you cry. Ao-chan said that parts of Doraemon made her cry.

Aoi said she had been going to foreign films recently, with Kotobuki Minako. Saori said she'd love to come, and please call her next time.

They came up with new nicknames for each other: "Oi-chan" and "Misao." It took them a while to get used to using them, however. I have long suspected that Hayami-san felt a bit estranged from the "Hayami" part of her stage name, and instead of her nickname "Hayamin" preferred a nickname based on her real given name, Saori. ("Saorin" is taken, by Gotou Saori.)

Saori said her image of Aoi was that she had a lovely smile. And when she met her, she felt she could talk to her easily. "Oi-chan" said that her image of "Misao" was that she reminded her of an older girl she admired in elementary school.

They each gave a phrase that summed them up. Saori said she was "completely a girl." Ao-chan said she was "a girl who wants to be in the 2D world." Surprised, Saori asked why. "I do not know," Aoi replied, with a deep humorous sigh.

Saori said she was a "my pace" kind of person, who wandered off in her own directions and was a bit dizzy. Ao-chan said she got enthusiastic about things and charging off, but ended up carrying people along with her and bringing them enjoyment.

Ao-chan's occasional rapid-fire passages are always enjoyable. She just swings through things in a lovely rhythm and at incredible pace, but with every sound clear. It was just after one of those that I began to get the feeling that Ao-chan always had Saori reeling, a bit off-balance. It's an old vaudeville archetype, where the fool is somehow stronger than the straight man.

They talked about what job they would do if they weren't seiyuus. Hayamin mentioned things like a boutique or a Coldstone Creamery ice cream shop. Ao-chan liked all her suggestions, but said she would work at the Animate manga/anime/game store.

Hayamin talked about going for milk tea and millefeuille (a French pastry), and Ao-chan expressed enthusiasm, but said she generally just ate whatever was cheap. Hayamin was impressed when Ao-chan let drop that she had actually made millefeuille. Maybe Ao-chan learned during her time in Yumeiro Patissiere, which was based around cooking pastries. (YumePati was the show that made me a Yuuki Aoi fan.)

At one point, Ao-chan muttered: "I must act more calmly."


caitlyn said...

This is it. This is the best thing.

perceefinesse said...

The combination of the century.

banger said...

this is an interesting combo. i like them both as seiyuu but i don't like yuuki aoi on radio. she seems to always crave being the center of attention/leader it annoys me for whatever reason

hashi said...

@banger -- Highly understandable opinion. I think that is her real nature, in addition to being something intended to be entertaining. She just blathers on, letting it all hang out, and is usually able to carry people along with her.

Personally, I enjoy it. I find myself preferring it to Hayami-san's restraint and Kana-chan's confusion, when they have been with her. Mina-chan was almost able to keep up, and Chiwa actually did keep up, and was actually a step ahead, a year ago when they were together.

I think Ao-chan just may naturally be that hectic, and it is only when others are not matching her that she seems to be demanding attention.