Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Seiyuu Otaku Only: 45 Seiyuu in One Video

This hit Nico Nico Douga at the end of April and seems to have gone viral among seiyuu otaku in Japan: a fan-made video composed of little clips showing 45 (or so) different seiyuu, with Houkago Teatime's "Utauyo!!MIRACLE" ("Sing!! Miracle") playing in the background. The video is called "Ugokuyo!!MIRACLE" ("Move!! Miracle").

There is a moderate delay before the video starts.

How many of the seiyuu can you identify? To remove the scrolling comments, click the three dots at the lower right of the video -- but that will also remove the names, which have been cleverly placed at the bottom of the screen.

Here are the names in order, romanized:

Shintani Ryouko -- Matsuki Miyu (static electricity?)
Hikasa Youko (grey-pink T-shirt)
Nakamura Eriko -- Imai Asami (Prestar sign)
Hanazawa Kana (as student with students)
Hanazawa Kana (~golf swing)
Kano Yui -- Hikasa Youko -- Itou Kanae (Yui w/glasses)
Onosaka Masaya (T-shirt w/eagle)
Kaneda Tomoko (w/sake bottle)
Kobayashi Yuu (on blue dolphin)
Kamiya Hiroshi -- Ono Daisuke (fiddling w/their nipples)
Iguchi Yuka (in green and gray)
Takahashi Chiaki -- Horie Yui (split screen laughter)
Shintani Ryouko -- Matsuki Miyu -- Nakahara Mai (black-white-pink)
Tomatsu Haruka -- Hanazawa Kana -- Yahagi Sayuri (Christmas table)
Tamura Yukari -- Washizaki Takeshi (Yukarin in short dress being dragged away)
Onosaka Masaya -- Katou Emiri (big ball rebounds and hits her)
Akesaka Satomi -- Koyama Rikiya (she in black, he shirt off)
Asano Masami (in white at desk)
Shiraishi Ryouko -- Takagaki Ayahi (Ayahi making a mess of cooking)
Takahashi Mikako (in blue silk)
Nakahara Mai (holding paper on head)
Konno Hiromi -- Shiraishi Minoru -- Fukuhara Kaori (Konno swinging red hammer at Shiraishi)
Mizuki Nana (tablecloth trick fail)
Ogura Yui -- Ishihara Kaori (in front of cars)
Numakura Manami -- Nakamura Eriko -- Asakura Azumi (Eriko eating and posing)
Tamura Yukari (buying fruit from guy in blue)
Nabatame Hitomi -- Itou Shizuka (in hot spring togegther)
Tanaka Rie -- Hanazawa Kana -- Koyama Rikiya (RieRie hugging Kana-chan)
Paku Romi -- Kugimiya Rie (black -- green/white)
Nakamura Eriko being kissed by Imai Asami
Sasaki Mikoi-- Tokui Sora -- Mimori Suzuko -- Kitta Izumi (Milky Holmes)
Tamura Yukari (on stage with light sticks around her)
Hikasa Youko (in pyjamas giving her salute)

Interesting selection of people. They tend to be names popular among otaku, and on live radio and TV, but not necessarily the most active in anime today.


Anonymous said...

its hanazawa kana's エビチリ pose

Andrew said...

Nice collection there.

In the scene with Yukari Tamura buying fruit, the building in the background looked more like French architecture. Has she ever been to France?

ChaelMi said...

so Kugimiya Rie was the one hit by the box? LOL

hashi said...

@anonymous -- Lol. Didn't know what you were talking about, then I found that commercial on NicoNico. Hanazawa Kana in a 2004 TV commercial for the school uniform maker Kankou, with her posing as mountain vegetables, a shrimp dish, and Chinese dumplings.

@Andrew -- Ask and it shall be discovered unto us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN8gHBaZToo Nice catch.

@ChaelMI -- I think that was Nakamura Eriko. Though it did look like Kugyu, from that angle.

Anonymous said...

also noticed that the text from the original video didn't list Itou Kanae in the 6th entry, with Hikasa Youko and Kano Yui, but instead overlapped it with Hanazawa Kana's name. Although you do only get to see a brief glimpse of her from the side.



hashi said...

@anonymous -- Thanks for the nice YouTube link. I couldn't tell who that was in the foreground, so I just fudged what they had. Now I've put in Kanae-chan's name, and I think that actually makes 45.

perceefinesse said...

A true gallery of the greats.

An excellent video, to say the least. :-)

szopuuu said...

Longer version, with 90 seiyuus.