Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good Smile Madoka Magica Café Opens

The Good Smile figure company has opened a Madoka Magica Café as part of its Good Smile Café, near the company's headquarters.

The special Café is near Matsudo railway station, in the eastern part of Tokyo, just across the border in Chiba Prefecture. It is open every day from 11am to 9pm, and will be in business until 18 July. They seem to expect a lot of business, since there is a note saying that in busy times, you can order and go away for an hour, then come back for your food.

The limited menu features various "soul gem drinks", as well as a sweets plate and what looks like a curry plate:
 The drinks are (left to right) "No Regrets," "I Won't Allow It," "That Makes Me So Happy,"
"I'm Not Afraid of Anything Any More," and "My Best Friend."

The drinks are served with coasters:

The dishes come on a special mat, and there are special "shop cards":

This is also the place to post something from a fan's blog, showing a plate of Kyuube-mallows they made:

As a commenter said: "Scary!"


Anonymous said...

What's with this sudden rush of activity? :D
I'm not complaining. On the contrary I'm glad.

ChaelMI said...

tsun-dere aoi...

hashi said...

@ChaelMI -- I was saving that for tomorrow, but you forced my hand, lol. See next post. She's growing as a personality as she grows as a seiyuu.

perceefinesse said...

To say the least, this definitely seems to be a creative and conceptually original cafe in regards to its image and organization.

I won't be surprised if it stays in business for a good few decades. :-)

Andrew said...

This soul's for you! It's the choice of a new, disturbing generation.