Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hirano Aya Live Streamed Broadcast Tomorrow

To publicize the release of her new album, "Aya Museum," Hirano Aya will appear in a live streamed broadcast about 16 hours from now.

The broadcast will be on Wednesday evening at 7pm, Tokyo time. That's 6am New York time, and 11am London time. The stream should be available here, or from here. Aya says the time may vary a bit. "Aya Museum" will include all her singles, and selections from her albums.

In a recent interview, Aya says she plans to tell all in a four-volume autobiography issued over five years -- starting when she is thirty, six years from now. She continues to appear on various TV shows, mainly as a personality, but also as a singer.

Here are some fairly recent images. First, the covers of the premium, special, and standard editions of the new album, then some gravure shots and pics from her blog. Is it my imagination, or has she gained a bit of weight? I hope so, since it might indicate that her health is better. (Click photos to enlarge.)

After "Liberty Leading the People," Eugene Delacroix.

After "Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners," Alexandre Cabanel.

After "Mona Lisa," Leonardo da Vinci.

Finally, just for old times' sake.


animekritik said...

She does look like she's gained a bit. Excellent. Now let's hope she stops getting embroiled in twitter wars and what not :)

Serj said...

I just hope she sorts out her contractual situation and is able to sing (new songs) again, and star in new animes.

For those not in the know, months ago she had said she wasn't able to do either thing due to her current situation, which wasn't health related, or she wouldn't be appearing on variety shows or the animes where she was already part of.

I wonder if Hashi has heard anything new related about this.

lvlln said...

Wow, she sure has a big ego (and a big forehead - that Mona Lisa picture is NOT flattering) - not one autobiography, but a series of them? Really? I mean, I love hearing her in anime and she does it very well, but does her life really warrant an autobiography starting at the age of 30?

perceefinesse said...

It isn't hard to tell just how much of an influence Mizuki Nana has had on Hirano Aya... the title of this upcoming compilation (Aya Museum) reminds me of the title of Nana's 2007 compilation (The Museum), and the Aya Museum cover reminds me a bit of the Scarlet Knight single cover.

Nana's definitely had an influence on a lot of today's popular groups and artists... if you look at performers and singing units like AKB48, Hirano Aya and Sphere, it isn't hard to tell that elements of Nana reside in their musical DNA.

It's good to see that Hirano Aya is still around... even though, to be honest, she does have a bit of a Richard Dawson-esque ego and tends to ham it up in front of the cameras, it doesn't mean for a second that I don't love her music... she's a true talent, without question.

And I'm glad to know that she's now at a healthy weight level.

Andrew said...

Yes, she does look a bit healthier now, but I would agree with the others that she should watch her ego if she wants fans to regain their respect. As much a story as her career has been, I'm also not sure if her life would warrant a multi-volume autobiography. (A single book, perhaps.)

The Mona Lisa picture could've been done better, but I liked the others. Though maybe in "Aya Leading the People" she could've been carrying the Japanese flag instead.

hashi said...

@lvlln -- I'm hoping the number of volumes of the autobiography is a bit of a joke, but I think she has a lot to tell, about the anime world, the idol world, the celebrity world, and her otaku detractors. Celebrity bios might as well be written by the celebrity, lol. I've never thought she had that big an ego, but maybe I'm used to all celebrities having egos, not sure. She has reason to think people are interested, anyway.

@Serj -- Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything more. I haven't been reading her blog regularly, in part because she has gone through periods where she posted so often I couldn't keep up. And the twitter wars are too much for me to follow. I enjoy her seiyuu work more than anything else, really, and she is doing less of that, and in shows I don't watch.

Anonymous said...

If only she appears as Haruhi along with Yuuki Aoi as Madoka.

The anime fandom would have their mindblown as 2 anime goddesses appear on the same stage.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect her to show up in new anime. I remember her saying in her blog that her manager/agency disallowed her and only lets her appear in sequels or something.