Friday, May 13, 2011

Sphere PV "Hazy" -- Hanasaku Iroha ED

Simple PV, but it works for me:

It has taken me a while to appreciate their work, and this really does it. The song sounds even better to me in the PV than as an ED. It started at #8 on Tuesday and Wednesday's charts, but was down to #10 by Thursday. Their highest ever weekly ranking was #8, for last fall's Moon Signal, the Otome Youkai Zakuro OP.

For those who don't know them, Toyosaki Aki is the tall one, Takagaki Ayahi is the short one, Tomatsu Haruka has the long legs, and  Kotobuki Minako is the 19-year-old who looks thirty. On 2channel, she has the disrespectful nickname 団地妻, "wife in the apartments." Her radio show for Hyakka Ryouran, paired with Yuuki Aoi, was great.

I'm a big fan of Ayahime's work as a seiyuu, and Haru-chan is excellent as Naruko in AnoHana right now. I'm enjoying Mina-chan as Yuuko in A Channel. And I really liked Aki-chan as Bonbori in Zakuro, last fall.


perceefinesse said...

Aw, yeah... now THIS is my kind of music. A nice, smooth, laid-back rhythm... a calm and subdued, yet driving, melody... excellent harmonization... relaxing voices.. and they all look genuinely happy in the video. They all seem to really enjoy their work... they're not just here to make money, but to make music that future generations will be able to appreciate.

And shame on anyone disrespecting Kotobuki Minako... just because she looks mature for her age is no reason to talk down on her. All four of them are great... Tomatsu with the gifted legs (and the gifted voice)... Takegahi with her expertise and knowledge... Toyosaki with her undying, endearing cuteness... and Kotobuki with her refinement. :-)

I darn near shed a tear hearing this song... it's not very often that you get a four-girl group where all of the singers are on consistent levels of vocal quality. With most J-pop girl groups, it's easy to distinguish the truly talented members from the still-talented-but-less-gifted ones... everyone in Sphere seems to be similarly vocally endowed.

Pure said...

"Kotobuki Minako is the 19-year-old who looks thirty."

Haha, I've always heard from people that Mina-chan looks older than her age. But thirty? I've never really gotten that impression. Though it does feel like at times that Mina-chan is the most mature looking in Sphere.

I wonder what Mina-chan will look when she actually get older. Would be weird if she had a reverse Hocchan syndrome.

Like always, love Sphere and love the song.

Also, probably just a quick error, the title should be Sphere, not Shere, right? (Sorry for nitpicking.)

animekritik said...

It's perfectly alright as long as she still looks 30 when she's 49.

It's a nice song and video.

hashi said...

Mina-chan doesn't look thirty, that was just a jokey exaggeration. But she looked 22 when she was 17. And she still looks 22.

As someone who has worked as a copy editor, I feel particularly bad about the misspelled title -- which is now fixed. Precision is not really my thing, clearly.

Anonymous said...

The last major post you wrote on Tomacchan was around the time of Kannagi. What is your opinion on her works after that?

hashi said...

@anonymous -- I've liked a lot of her roles, but maybe not enough to call her a favorite. Or maybe I haven't liked the shows enough. Not sure. I thought she was very good as Mana in White Album. And as Megumi in Shiki. Cross Game just annoys me, because I know it must be good, but I don't enjoy it. None of the characters seem to me to express their emotions, including Tomacchan as Aoba. I know the emotions must be there, but I can't feel them. I thought she was very effective as Sakana in the episodes of Star Driver I watched.