Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taketatsu Ayana at Four Years Old

We saw a baby pic of Yuuki Aoi a few days ago, and now Aya-nyan has posted an old pic of herself at about four.

She says she was on the train on an outing with her grandmother and her cousin. "I looked cute then, didn't I?"

She apologizes for the low quality cell-phone photo, but points out that her heavy eyebrows and narrow forehead haven't changed.

Just for comparison, here is a photo of her last month, age 21 (click to enlarge):


perceefinesse said...

I'm definitely glad that my wishes ended up being granted... it's good to see a baby photo of another seiyuu.

Hopefully this becomes a fad and more seiyuus consent to make baby photos of themselves publically viewable... Taketatsu definitely looked innocent and sweet when she was a child. She still looks very youthful today... her big eyes bring Nakahara Mai to mind. Since she's a Cancer and Mai's a Pisces, I guess that the comparison makes sense, since they're both water signs. Big eyes tend to run in that family. ^_^

But that's just my opinion, of course.

Anonymous said...

She still cute.

Andrew said...

Did she possibly get the idea for showing this picture from Yuuki?

Do you think Ayana would browse 2chan?