Monday, May 23, 2011

Two More Ways of Judging Seiyuu Popularity

Hanazawa Kana
Here are a couple of ways of judging seiyuu popularity: number of hits on Japanese Wikipedia over the past three weeks, compared with total number of posts on 2channel for the same group of seiyuus over the years.

The figures reveal a number of things. For one, Hanazawa Kana is extremely popular. For another, Mizuki Nana's popularity is undimmed.

Perhaps most surprising, the new seiyuu playing Menma in the current anime Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, Kayano Ai, has suddenly become very popular.

And my own current seiyuu of interest, Yuuki Aoi, is also of interest to many people in Japan.

Number of hits on Japanese Wikipedia, May 1 to May 21, 2011:

1Hanazawa Kana155004
2Mizuki Nana94712
3Toyosaki Aki92054
4Kayano Ai85057
5Kugimiya Rie79348
6Yuuki Aoi76473
7Hirano Aya75986
8Tomatsu Haruka74751
9Kitamura Eri73532
10Itou Kanae72285
11Hikasa Youko66464
12Kobayashi Yuu66020
13Noto Mamiko65091
14Sawashiro Miyuki63823
15Taketatsu Ayana62211
16Tamura Yukari61362
17Inoue Marina57388
18Satou Rina57147
19Asumi Kana56462
20Hayami Saori55428

Cumulative number of threads on 2channel up to May 22, 2011, for that same group of seiyuus (each full thread =1000 posts):

1Mizuki Nana716
2Tamura Yukari699
3Hirano Aya357
4Noto Mamiko123
4Asumi Kana123
6Kugimiya Rie93
7Toyosaki Aki88
8Hikasa Youko78
9Inoue Marina60
10Taketatsu Ayana58
11Sawashiro Miyuki57
12Hanazawa Kana55
13Tomatsu Haruka52
14Kitamura Eri51
15Kobayashi Yuu40
16Satou Rina38
17Itou Kanae32
18Yuuki Aoi17
19Hayami Saori17
20Kayano Ai2

Here we see Tamura Yukari's decade-long popularity showing itself. Horie Yui, just for interest, has 403 threads as of today. Hirano Aya remains of great interest to 2channelers, as a personality, if not as a seiyuu. And Asumi Kana has as many threads as Noto Mamiko, despite a shorter career and much less popularity among overseas anime fans. Her popularity stems from her moe-inducing character of Yuno in otaku favorite anime Hidamari Sketch.

I'll try to put together a list of the most popular seiyuus on 2channel long-term, but that will take some time. I'll just mention that Chihara Minori has 255 threads. And Hase Yurina (the former Ochiai Yurika) has 296, not for her seiyuu work, but for wild blog and twitter posts about her difficult life.

Actually, here is one more listing: the number of posts per day in the current thread for the top twenty seiyuus of interest on 2channel today. This ordering shifts a bit day by day, and I think gives a pretty good idea of who is currently in vogue. The first column gives total number of threads, the second the number of posts per day:

1Hirano Aya357432d
2Mizuki Nana716384d
3Hikasa Youko78168d
4Toyosaki Aki88168d
5Tamura Yukari699144d
6Taketatsu Ayana58144d
7Nakahara Mai74120d
8Chihara Minori255120d
9Hara Yumi2096d
10anti-Hirano Aya10596d
11Nakamura Eriko10796d
12Satou Satomi4372d
13Tomatsu Haruka5272d
14Horie Yui40372d
15Yuuki Aoi1754d
16Ishida Akira7553d
17Hanazawa Kana5550d
18Akesaka Satomi2748d
19Mimori Suzuko1047d
20Asumi Kana12346d
21Kitamura Eri5142d
22anti-Mizuki Nana5842d

Here, what strikes me is the fact that Hirano Aya is such a continuing source of fascination, with both her main thread and her purely anti- thread in the top ten.  Mizuki Nana gets a lot of negative comment, too, to go with all the positive comment.

Hara Yumi is a singer/seiyuu known for her work as Takane in the Idolmaster games. Nakamura Eriko is also in the Idolmaster games. Mimori Suzuko is also a singer/seiyuu and is in Milky Holmes.


Jeremia said...

I guess Kayano Ai's number of hits on wikipedia is mainly made by people, who, just as I, found her acting rather good for a newbie, and just want to look up, who she actually is.

ChaelMi said...

kayano ai's singing voice is good too... soft voice :3

hashi said...

I like her singing, but Menma's voice is a little too much for me, much as I appreciate the character. Clearly, however, I am going to get the chance to hear more: Kayano Ai will be in at least three and probably four new shows this summer.

Kenshin Asuka said...

I don't get it. I'm surprised to learn that some people hate Mizuki Nana-sama although she's now one of the most popular singers in Japan. Therefore why's that a case for Nana-sama although we all know that she's been doing her best throughout her life as a singer and a seiyuu? Those naysayers' reasons'd better be good.

Kamon said...

Just a small correction: it's *Mimori Suzuko.

Thanks for all your work!

hashi said...

@Kamon -- Thanks! Fixed. I did know that, but perhaps my general lack of interest in that show overcame me, lol.

Matteas said...

It's not very surprising that Hirano's thread is very active, owing much to her twitter remarks and non-seiyuu activities, but I wouldn't expect her to be on the top.

I've never peeked into an anti-Mizuki Nana thread, but I bet it's full of people who don't like her for pursuing singer career rather than the seiyuu career.

btw. Mamiko is Noto, not Notou. I used to make the same mistake as that "o" at the end makes you think it is actually "ou".

hashi said...

@Matteas -- I'm amazed that Hirano remains such a topic of discussion -- and not all of it is negative, by any means. I think it shows how much broader the Japanese entertainment world is than just anime.

Earlier anti-Nana threads had titles referring to her being ugly, so maybe it's just the normal back and forth, not sure.

Thanks for the note on Noto. Fixed. I double-checked and the surname could be Nouto, but never Notou, lol. I suspect I just went on the basis of other words, such as toukou 登校. In my defence, I'll say that tou is given as the first pronunciation of 登, but I should have checked instead of just thinking I knew better.

Kenshin Asuka said...

Obviously the naysayers who hate Nana-sama already judged the book by its cover. They shall read her Shin Ai autobiography to know who she really is.

perceefinesse said...

I'm definitely pleased with those lists... everything is as it should be to me (I didn't care for those anti-Hirano Aya and anti-Mizuki Nana threads, though... I could understand people hating Aya, but why Nana? Sure, she's not the most good-looking seiyuu [or general woman] ever to come into existence, but she's definitely got a remarkable ability to sing. Additionally, she's probably one of the most humble people in her profession... to say that she has any sort of ego would be like saying that Li'l Wayne is a better lyricist than Percee P... a narrow-minded and ill-informed presumption).

Matteas said...

@hashi -- It will be interesting to see how hot of a topic Hirano will be in next few years. She is not likely to recruit any more fans among otaku. Neither haters. And it is only natural for otaku to start losing interest in her so it all depends how she will fare from now on and where she will appear.

I can perfectly understand you. Personally, I was quite surprised when I learned that 登 in her name is read "to" XD

abandonedfactory said...

I like the way you try to come up wit a quantification of something hard to measure. I do want to caution you on the Wikipedia idea, though. I tend to use such a resource mostly when I am unfamiliar with a seiyuu from their name. I would never look up Aya Hirano, for example. That doesn't mean I like her less than an actor whose page I accessed, perhaps just the opposite.

Just saying, a pinch of salt...