Friday, May 13, 2011

Video: Makoto Shinkai, Kanemoto Hisako and Irino Miyu at Premiere

Makoto Shinkai's new film, Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below (星を追う子ども Hoshi o Ou Kodomo, "Children Chasing the Stars") had its premiere last Saturday and is being shown in a nationwide "roadshow" in Japan.

On Saturday, at the Wald 9 cinema in Shinjuku, director Shinkai was there with three of the show's main seiyuus: Kanemoto Hisako, Irino Miyu, and Inoue Kazuhiko (left to right):

In the film, the young heroine Asuna can never forget the strange music that once came from a crystal radio her father left her. She meets a boy called Shun, who says he comes from an underground world. After Shun disappears, a boy who looks just like him appears, and a teacher who wants to find the same world. The three leave on a quest for the legendary world.

Asked in the video clip why he made a film that is so different from his previous works, Shinkai answered that he had heard from foreigners who had seen his previous masterpiece, 5 Centimeters a Second, that aspects of Japanese life in it were unfamiliar and confusing. So he decided to make a film that depended less on a specific setting, and was a fantasy that might be more accessible to everyone.

Here is a trailer for the new film:

The film's soundtrack, by composer Tenmon, was released last week. No date yet for the BD/DVD release.

Shinkai is 38. He looks pretty young in the video, doesn't he?


Yanex said...

The trailer is totally awesome.
Looking forward for whole film.

perceefinesse said...

A seiyuu legend + two young champions of the industry + a gifted and intelligent director = a fantastic movie?

I wouldn't expect anything less. I already have a gut feeling that this film is going to be excellent... I'm sure that the cast and crew DEFINITELY will not fail to disappoint.