Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yuuki Aoi: Baby Pics and Happy Parents

The baby pics, posted anonymously on 2channel, may be from her father's company's magazine, published there when she was born. (click to enlarge)

The text says the photos were submitted by 八武崎武 (Yabusaki Takeshi?)  of the production department, and the baby is his eldest daughter, Yabusaki Aoi 八武崎碧. This is one more indication that Yabusaki Aoi is Ao-chan's real name. We know now that she is an only child.

There is a quote: "Please, please just don't wake up at night!"

Mr. Yabusaki is a section head in a company, supposedly a game company, and possibly CapCom, the makers of games in the series Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, etc., etc. No wonder Ao-chan loves gaming, and sometimes plays with her father.

And here is a photo from Ao-chan's blog today, nineteen years later: "A lovely moment in my parents' full real lives."

Ao-chan uses the internet slang リア充 riajuu, "real full," which refers to a happy 3D life.


Andrew said...

Aww...though she's rather candid if she wants to post her baby pics on her blog. Have many other seiyuus also shown baby or toddler pictures?

hashi said...

@Andrew -- The baby pics were posted anonymously on 2channel. I have edited the post to make that clearer. But Aoi has said her blog is more for things from her private life than from her professional life, and she has shown plenty of pics of her family and (faces obscured) of her friends. Especially on her old blog, which she maintained in her mid-teens and has never taken down. But I've seen no baby pics, from her or from anyone else. I can't see these as a problem. She looks good, and she's fully covered, lol. I admit, however, that I'm fairly irresponsible in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Yuuki Aoi has said herself that her real name is "Yabusaki Aoi" on Hyakka Ryouran's radio on it's 2nd episode or so, so there really isn't any doubt about her name being Yabusaki anymore.

Anonymous said...

You've got the translation for the quote slightly wrong by the way ;P
It's "Please just -don't- wake up at night"

hashi said...

@Anonymous2 -- Thank you so much for that. Fixed. Didn't make any sense the way I had it. Not paying attention. Please let me know anything else you see any time.

@Anonymous2 -- Yes, as I wrote in the piece I linked to there, we know for sure that her surname is Yabusaki, because she said it herself during that radio episode (it was ep3). But we didn't until now know for certain that her given name is really Aoi. I guess it's still not certain, since this page could be a clever forgery.

perceefinesse said...

What a cute baby Aoi was... :-)

And she matured into a fine and talented young lady, too.

I wonder what Kawasumi Ayako, Tamura Yukari, Horie Yui, Nabatame Hitomi, Noto Mamiko, etc. looked like as children.

Hopefully some other seiyuus will manifest enough self-esteem to make some of their baby pictures publically visible... they would definitely be wonderful to see.

Anonymous said...

Are those her parents in the picture?

hashi said...

@anonymous -- Yes, they are. I know from having seen pics of them in previous blog posts, both in her current blog and in her old blog. And she also says so in the blog post where she published that pic.