Thursday, May 05, 2011

Yuuki Aoi -- Holiday With the Family

Yuuki Aoi may be a nineteen-year-old professional entertainer, but she is still a family girl. She has just returned from a brief vacation with her parents to the Izu Peninsula, south of Tokyo.

She loved the food: mikan mandarin oranges and kinmedai ("goldeneye tai") fish 金目鯛, in particular.

While she was there, in that beautiful natural setting, self-confessed "indoor girl" Ao-chan drew this excellent personification of the beautiful (and delicious) fish, as "Kinme-chan."

Commenters on 2channel think that her drawing has improved even from the fairly high standard she had before. One commenter said he was a mangaka and she drew better than he did.

This makes me wonder if she is studying art at college, maybe at a graphic arts college. Probably not, since when asked her favorite subject last year, she said "Chinese," and we know she loves drawing.

Ao-chan has been posting frequently to her blog, but I expect that ends with the end of the spring holiday, as she goes back to school.



perceefinesse said...

Yuuki Aoi may be a seiyuu first and foremost, but she definitely has a great gift for drawing... it may not be her primary educational focus, but I definitely hope that she does not abandon the possibility of studying it and sharpening her skills. It could very well become her livelihood if seiyuu work does not work out for her the way we all hope it will. And I know that she would be QUITE good at it.

ringOtamegane said...

@perceefinesse: Not the only seiyuu who draws well. Inoue Marina/Goto Yuko/Kitamura Eri and most of all, we have KOBAYASHI YUU who beats everyone in drawing.

hashi said...

@ringOtamegane -- KitaEri and Marina are the best drawers among seiyuu, but Ao-chan is catching up fast. There is a video around in which Marina blows away an animation director by being able to draw at a level very close to that of a line animator.

Gotou Yuuko is just okay. And the "Master Painter," Kobayashi Yuu may be artistic, in a post-modern way, but her drawing skill is horrible. Her nickname is a joke.

perceefinesse said...

@ringOtamegane: I knew she wasn't the only seiyuu with drawing finesse. I knew of the skills of the others you mentioned (Kadowaki Mai is also pretty decent, in my honest opinion). I was just referring to Aoi's particular skills with my comment. I didn't want to mention others in the same sentence as her or compare her to others... just praise her on her own merits. And it goes without saying that Kobayashi Yuu is probably the only artist in recorded history who can make ANYTHING look like testicles... for that alone, she is definitely a master. ^_^

@hashi: I can definitely imagine Inoue Marina becoming an animator at some later point in her career... I think she's definitely fairly qualified for the position. Hopefully she won't step away from the microphone, though.