Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yuuki Aoi, Tsundere

Here is this month's edition of the "Aoi's ABC's" feature in Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine: "tsu is for tsundere." (click image to enlarge)

Ao-chan says it was easy to look tsun, but harder to look dere. She says she imagined herself with the fans she had seen recently at events, and towards whom she has warm feelings. But it was still difficult.

She took a cat pose because she thinks cats are typical tsunderes. In fact, she admits, she herself has been called tsundere. "But aren't all girls tsundere?" she asks.

Reaction on 2channel has been highly positive. One poster said he got a nosebleed. The photos have given rise to more discussion of Ao-chan's bust size, with some saying this confirms that she fills the "big-busted loli" archetype. Overstatement in both directions, it seems to me.

I can't help wondering what she thinks when she reads this stuff, either on 2channel or in letters to her. In a recent blog post, she thanked fans for the gifts they sent her for her birthday, especially for the cute school supplies.

One poster said that she looks much more grown up in recent photos, and I agree. Perhaps it's exhaustion.


perceefinesse said...

Yuuki Aoi definitely photographs well. I like her smiles and the ways in which she tends to pose... she gives off this incredibly endearing cuteness, but simultaneously exudes an air of knowledge and intelligence.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing future magazine shoots and photography featuring her... since her career, to say the least, seems to be on the rise, I am very certain that we'll all be blessed enough to see more of her more often. :-)

Yoshii-kun said...

...more discussion of Ao-chan's bust size

Yea, I remember reading that thread. They compared images of her since waaaay back when she was younger.
Think she's...... well endowed to a certain point lol.

Furuba-tan said...

she's not tsundere, she's tundere. (≧∇≦)