Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Yuuki Aoi's Dress Auctioned for $7200

In a blog post posted a couple of hours ago, Yuuki Aoi falls all over herself thanking people for bidding her dress up to a final selling price of ¥583,000 (US$7200) in a charity auction for victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

As she said in an earlier post, she "feels the love" from her fans. And feels happy that she could do something to help. In that post, she said she was initially worried that the dress would go for something like ¥5000 ($62), or maybe even go unsold.

On 2channel, her popularity has skyrocketed since the last two episodes of Madoka Magica and the first episode of her radio show with Hayami Saori. It has been running at three posts an hour for the past few days, putting her in the top twenty seiyuus.

People comment on the range and excellence of her acting, and on her lively personality.

From her entertaining patter on the radio show, they have decided she is "uzakawaii" -- "noisy-cute." This means cute in a noisy and troublesome way, as she rambles on talking about herself and expressing a stream of enthusiasms.

In another recent post, she posted a picture of her cat Amy, looking like an ehomaki, a special fat sushi roll stuffed with seven lucky ingredients and eaten at the lunar new year.


perceefinesse said...

Well, this has definitely proven a beneficial endeavor on two levels: some lucky bidder has won one of Yuuki Aoi's dresses (and hopefully will maximize their investment by perhaps wearing it ^_^), and over $7,000 is going to charity to help the devastated earthquake victims.

Sometimes I wonder why they don't really seem to be discussing this situation on American television as much as they used to... it is certainly still relevant. :-(

lvlln said...

Probably would've gone for a lot more if she hadn't washed it. ^_^;

Yoshii-kun said...

Uzakawaii? Seriously?
But she looks so......well, quiet? Haha.

And good job on the fund raising sale. More prominent idols/actors/actresses should participate in charity works too.

hashi said...

@Yoshii-kun -- Appearances can be deceiving, lol. Listen to her new radio show. Even people who can't understand Japanese can hear the way the conversation goes.

To me, she is not at all annoying, but maybe Japanese listeners hear it differently. To me, she sounds natural and funny and enthusiastic. To them, she might be talking out of turn. She does seem to be going at a faster pace than anyone she is with (Hayamin, Mina-chan, Kana-chan), and always seems to end up making the running and carrying the show.

Hayamin, in particular, is elegant and controlled. Not Ao-chan. She's more natural and a bit raucous, like a North American.

@lvlln -- Many 2channel posters say the same, lol. Ao-chan herself mentioned the washing. She knows how otaku think. To me, her mentioning it is an example of how unlady-like she is. More like a pal you might play games with. Such a contrast to Hayamin.

Anonymous said...

I like that her cat Amy is also a character in the PMMM Drama CD (a part of the Volume 1 BD set). :D

Anonymous said...

I wished she hosted Shiki radio with Tomatsu. That would be a very interesting duo.

hashi said...

@Anonymous re Drama CD -- Thanks for mentioning that. Very enjoyable. Do you think that's Chiwa doing Amy? If it were Ao-chan, it would have to had to be rerecorded, I think.