Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hirano Aya To Act in Stage Musical

Hirano Aya will play Catherine in a musical based on Wuthering Heights, on stage in Tokyo.

Well-known director Nishikawa Nobuhiro has assembled a main cast of stars, some from other media. Aya will share the role of Catherine with singer Abe Natsumi. They will perform on alternate days.

Multi-talented actor/singer/music producer/writer/car racer Kawamura Ryuuichi will play Heathcliff. Actor/singer Yamazaki Ikusaburou will play Edgar.

The play will be at Tokyo's Akasaka Act Theatre from July 11 to July 24, then will move to the Umeda Arts Theatre in Osaka for a short run July 27-31.

Sources: Cinema Today, Famitsu, theatre home page.

Aya and Kawamura Ryuuichi resting during rehearsals.
Catherine and Heathcliff
We needn't have worried that no CDs and no new anime would leave Aya unemployed. She will host the NTV travel show Another Sky this Friday evening. We will follow her around New York City. On Wednesday, she was on a live show on NHK Osaka.

The friendship between Aya and seiyuu Sasaki Nozomi seems to be developing. They were together in Lucky Star and now in Jewelpet. They recently went shopping together and bought matching bracelets:

I believe that is Aya's arm in front, since the photo comes from her blog.
Here is a photo of the two of them from a Jewelpet Sunshine party:


Arabesque said...

Kawamura looks just about as accurate as 90% of the actors who played the character in the adaptations of the novel i.e. he looks nothing like the original Heathcliff :P

Still, that's a pretty impressive portfolio.

And yeah, this was sort of known for a while that Hirano-San would be in this play, after saying something controversial (I think it was about her liking older men, which made some Otaku go crazy or something) though I'm surprised that she is still going to be in it. I guess the problems she is facing career wise are mainly on the anime front?

Still, I had no idea she would end in such a huge role as Catherine (she is pretty much the main female lead in the play) and this is really great news for her! Also, it sort of fits that the voice for Haruhi would end up playing Cathy as well lololol

Khrno said...

I so want to see this, I hope there is a DVD on the plans.

hashi said...

@Khron -- The theatre they're using in Tokyo is owned by Tokyo Broadcasting, so they're probably well set up for video recording. This connects Aya with three different TV networks: her show and her role as website guide were for Fuji, this theatre is TBS, and the Wednesday show was on NTV.

@Arabesque -- She is facing problems on both the anime and the music recording side of her career, since it was announced that she will not be recording for Lantis any more.

But she is moving into a career as TV personality, now with perhaps some actual live-action acting. A musical gives her a chance both to sing and to act, and maybe to dance as well.

I happen to have just reread Wuthering Heights, and I think she could be perfect for the role of Catherine, who is passionate and headstrong. Of course, it all depends on how well she can act and sing.

The anime problems may be partly due to her admitting she has been with men, particularly older men, but she also said she had been with around ten of them, and once added that she wished men would use thinner condoms. That last one was too much even for me, even though I do understand the general salaciousness of some kinds of Japanese TV.

dingmajiao said...

@hashi isn't the reason that she will not be recording for Lantis anymore due to her health problems?

So far Aya have been expanding her career towards a TV personality.. Personally I've no problem with that, but hopefully she'll remember that she once said that she will never give up being a seiyuu..

Till now, I'm still waiting for a new role that aya will be voicing.. Apart from Nurarihyon no Mago, is there anything new? And given that Ienaga Kana wouldn't really be doing much in S2, she's pretty much still only voicing in Fairy Tail and Jewel Pet..

I'm not really disappointed but I hope she wouldn't forget her fans that she had when she was still voicing anime.. Anyway I would get any DVD available if this show is out on one..

perceefinesse said...

It's definitely great to see that Hirano Aya is still putting in work in spite of her agency forbidding her to do voices for any new shows (only sequels), and her rather extended time away from the recording booth/studio. I'm sure that she's going to do a damn good job in this play.

Say what you want about her, but Hirano Aya is living, breathing proof that you can keep the champion down, BUT YOU CAN'T KNOCK THE CHAMPION OUT. With her many talents, she has struck fiercer blows at her haters than Mike Tyson ever did at ANY of his competitors.