Saturday, June 25, 2011

Holy Land? The Park Where Yuuki Aoi Swung on the Swings

In a radio program last Thursday, Ao-chan told Hayami Saori that she went out of the studio to a nearby park to sit and swing on the swings. She said there was only a salaryman around, implying that she didn't expect to be recognized.

I checked Google Street View, and there it was, swings, salaryman and all:

As a Japanese commenter said, the scene seems pretty appropriate for the youthful -- I almost said "girlish" -- Ao-chan.

The swings are in a park not far from the A&G radio studio they use, and just across the street from the building housing the Pokemon Center, which Ao-chan has visited because of her role as Iris in Pokemon Best Wishes, and possibly also because she herself is a Pokemon fan.

Here is an aerial view from Google Earth, showing the building where the Pokemon Center is (the tall building at the top center), and the A&G radio studio (the building across the railway tracks from it). The swings are in the park at the bottom. Hamamatsuchou Station is just out of the picture at the bottom.

Here is a closer look at the swings, There are two sets, one nearer the crosswalk and one to the right (the white bar):

I'm glad I don't live in Tokyo, or I'd really become a stalker. I'd like to think that this is of a piece with the fact that I like to watch anime as close to airing time in Japan as possible. Distant participation in real Japan.

Ao-chan's 2channel thread today is full of cautions against interfering in her real life. Recently, someone posted what he said was the name of her university. Another said he really did go to the same university as she, but didn't interfere in her life.

Personally, I'd find more disturbing some posters' graphic expressions of what they would like to do to her sexually. Pretty chilling, actually.

In any case, here is the radio broadcast, from NicoNico Douga:

This is Hayamin and Ao-chan's brief weekly "review meeting." They have a half-hour weekly show on A&G, and a five-minute show on Marine Entertainment, on the Internet. They started their full weekly show on Marine, but after two shows, it was picked up by the much larger broadcaster A&G. I guess the "review meeting" show is a sop to the smaller broadcaster.

Click images to enlarge.

Another interesting Ao-chan video has shown up on NicoNico. It was posted on the official site of the show A Channel, just before its final broadcast, and shows the four main seiyuus talking about the show and inviting people to watch.

Unfortunately, the nicovideo cannot be embedded in a web page, so I can only give you the link and a screencap. Left to right: Kotobuki Minako (Yuuko), Fukuhara Kaori (Run), Yuuki Aoi (Tooru, complete with baseball bat), Uchiyama Yumi (Nagi).

Finally, there is one more interesting little video from NicoNico. Like a number of other seiyuus, Ao-chan has now lent her voice to the MAPLUS GPS:

The comments discuss which of her characters she sounds most like: Madoka? Iris? I agree with the person who said Yutori-chan. If you haven't seen any episodes of Yutori-chan, try to find them. Yutori-chan was a series of twenty or so two-and-a-half minute episodes broadcast in early 2010. Ao-chan is hilarious as a selfish young part-time worker in a toy company office.


Andrew said...

Interesting that there was a salaryman right there when they took that Street View image. (I know it couldn't have been taken when she was there; some of the trees look like they're getting fall colors.)

abandonedfactory said...

I admire Ao-chan for her accomplishments at such a young age, but really agree with those who say give her some space. People (even celebrities) should be afforded enough space and time to get their stuff done AND clear their thoughts in between. With her busy schedule of School and Work, I'm often surprised she has energy and time left for simple Life activities, like chilling with friends, playing games, or swinging on a swing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. I was trapped in a business hotel near Hamamatsuchou due to work for 2 weeks already, and pay a visit to that park just because I have nothing better to do this evening :-) Too bad there were too many salary men walking around (just after office hour) which makes an adult male sitting on a swing quite weird so skipped the attempt...

hashi said...

@anonymous -- You did it for me. Thanks for posting.

Thanks to abandonedfactory, too, for reminding us to give her space.

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