Friday, June 17, 2011

Seiyuu Video: Omigawa Chiaki and Komatsu Mikako at the Cat Cafe

Here is the first episode of a new online video program starring actress/seiyuus Omigawa Chiaki (21) and Komatsu Mikako (22).

The video will take a while to appear. To get rid of the scrolling comments, click the three dots in the lower right-hand corner of the image.

This first episode of the show is recorded on location at the Neko Jalala cat cafe. So cats are crawling on and around the pair as the show goes on.

Chiaki-chan is so weird. First, her normal voice appears to be much higher than her usual seiyuu voice. Second, she is excruciatingly boke and cute. Komatsu-san is cute herself, but so much more normal-seeming and in control. Chiaki seems to be a very emotional and physical person.

Looking at Chiaki-chan's ja.Wikipedia page, it seems she acts like a bit of a simpleton in real life. One time, she wore an exceedingly short skirt to a recording session. Someone asked if she was wearing proper opaque underwear, and she replied "of course," flipping up her skirt to thin pair of panties.

Like Chiaki-chan, Komatsu-san is a TV actress as well as a seiyuu (Joey in Heroman, Kotori in Yugioh Zexal). Both are represented by the Hirata Office agency.

The title of the show, "Futarigoto," is a play on words: futarigoto ("double words," or "words from the two of us") as opposed to hitorigoto (literally "single word," but used to say "just a word to you").

Many Japanese otaku loathe Chiaki-chan because of the flat voice she usually uses in anime. Their opinion began with her first role, as Maka in Soul Eater. At the moment, she is playing Minko in Hanasaku Iroha.

Otaku also claim that she has been a "bad girl," smoking and drinking and so on when she was underage. I wouldn't put it past her. And I don't care.

I think she's an entertaining personality who can act a bit, especially as a comic actress. Her voice is not very refined, but it does convey a kind of honesty. In Hanasaku Iroha, for example.

She's an interesting person in many ways. She has studied ballet and martial arts; she likes to read and writes poetry; and she had had many part-time jobs, including in a fast-food restaurant, a convenience store, a bar, a department store, and making announcements in a theatre.


Furuba-tan said...

hm, to me it sounds like chiaki is not using her normal voice. :o

banger said...

i still can't figure out why nicovideo never works for me. all i see is a blank black screen even after i press the play button. the seek bar and all is there but its black and no sound.

about omigawa chiaki her voice is so annoying to me but i think in some shows like hanasaku iroha it does not bother me so much. in soul eater i couldn't stand her though.

hashi said...

@Furuba-tan -- I agree. But this is the voice I hear in every live video of her I've seen, and people do say that when she started in Soul Eater, she used a deeper voice than her normal one. Not sure how she'd sound speaking with friends.

@banger -- The only thing I can suggest is waiting longer. It takes quite a while -- sometimes like 30 seconds -- for these embedded nicovideos to get going.

I don't know if you have to register with nico to see these embedded videos, but I don't think so. If you haven't registered, Google "register nico nico douga" or something like that to find one of the many pages that explain how.