Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yuuki Aoi Gosick Character Song

A Gosick character song and drama CD came out June 1, featuring four mini-dramas and songs by Eguchi Takuya (Kujou), Shitaya Noriko (Avril), and Yuuki Aoi (Victorique).

I have to say I am amazed at how good Ao-chan's singing is. I know it must have some technical post-production to keep it in tune, but her voice is very exposed and she gives the song some nice little touches. Who knew? She especially seems to understand the dramatic movement of the song.

The CD includes both this and an off-key version of the song, like the one Ao-chan did in episode seven.


Arabesque said...

Yuuki Aoi really impresses me. It's not necessarily the best singing I heard, but she certainly well above other VA sung pieces.

She alongside Kanae Ito and Ayahi Takagaki have managed to really worm into my heart. I really look forward to hear her again in a new role.

abandonedfactory said...

Wow, that's a surprisingly effective song. I like how they actually went for a Goth feel musically. Aoi's voice is used very effectively, starting off in a lower register, with less dynamics, which sounds like someone who is depressed, then working up into a higher register, with more leaps musically, which sounds like someone who is openly crying.

Very sad. Very lovely.

perceefinesse said...

DAMN... this is an EXTREMELY good song. I'm listening to it for the very first time at the time that I type this, and I love the dark feel of it... the harpsichord, the rock progression, the driving guitar, the slow and steady percussion, the heavenly choir type vibe... it sounds like something you'd hear in a trailer for a movie. This is quite a testament to the potential of Aoi to join the ranks of the greats... she's made many inroads along that path, and isn't far from reaching champion status, in my honest opinion.

I'd love to hear Aoi record a vocal song with Two Steps from Hell... their stuff is epic enough in an instrumental form, but I think her voice would make their content all the more awesome.

I realize I may be showering Aoi with ludicrously high praise, but I really like her style... there's a certain spirituality in her voice that really captivates me.

Anonymous said...

@Hashi: just a little Ao-chan bonus:

hashi said...

@Arabesque -- I have to agree that she's not technically the greatest singer, but better than I expected, and apparently improving. If we're looking for a technically capable singer, we need look no further than Takagaki Ayahi, for sure.

@abandonedfactory -- "Effective" is the perfect word. I think Ao-chan tries to keep the meaning in a song. In today's blog post, she talks about yesterday's A Channel live event, and apologizes for not really being a prepared singer, but says she hopes she communicated something.

@perceefinesse -- In fact, this song may be close to Ao-chan's own musical taste. She is a big fan of Sound Horizon's dramatic performances, which this somewhat resembles, and which have some similarity to Two Steps from Hell.

@anonymous -- Thanks for the "bonus."

Anonymous said...

Hehe, just give Ao-chan twintails and red ribbons, and she'll look like Madoka. :)

perceefinesse said...

No wonder her voice accommodated the song and its instrumentation so well if it's in a similar melodic and rhythmic style to one of her favorite groups.

It'd be nice to hear a whole album with this kind of style... it just seems to fit Aoi like a glove. I think she could do most any genre/vibe/variety/type of song if she wanted to, but I can easily imagine this becoming her specialty.

Unknown said...

do you know if this was sung by yuuki aoi

Unknown said...

in case anyone is interested in what she was dealing with the first try

the voice that yuuki aoi uses for dark characters such as Victorique and Mina from Dance in the Vampire Bund is very limited, and can only rap flat pitch lines.

The muscle use is similar to how Norio Wakamoto uses his, and you can see all his songs are fun rap songs. American version examples are seen in Hal Douglas and Don La Fontaine (epic dark movie voices). I do the movie voice for my voice over class so I know it's limiting.

The first version was when she was more in her character voice, but in this version, she went out of her character voice (i guess many call this the singing voice) a bit because it was too limiting for the high pitches. They also made the pitch lines more flat so this was possible

hashi said...

@Unknown2 -- Thank you so much for your first-hand knowledge. Please feel free to post more in this vein, when things occur to you.

@Unknown1 -- Yes, I believe it was.