Thursday, July 07, 2011

Seiyuu Video: Hayami Saori Hosting Takahashi Mikako's Radio Show

On short notice, rising seiyuu personality Hayami Saori substituted for Takahashi Mikako on her radio show on Tuesday, with Mikako-san out due to illness.

The 20-year-old Hayamin has often been called "ugly" by posters on 2channel and elsewhere. This video, however, is eliciting a huge number of "cute" comments. I've previously thought that she looked odd in still photos, but elegant and charming in videos. Commenters keep mentioning her lovely movements.

Her intelligence (she is attending university) and poise are just part of the equation. She has a nice speaking voice, but I think she has the prettiest singing voice of all seiyuu, for sure, and maybe of anybody, anywhere.

Now she is spreading across the airwaves, with a weekly radio show of her own, a show with Yuuki Aoi, and now this.

Takahashi Mikako is one of the biggest seiyuu radio personalities, with a show that has gone on for years. To replace her is a big deal. Now some commenters are hoping Mikako will rest for a couple more weeks.

Mikako is currently hosting four shows, including her main show, Mikako no Payopayo, this show, and two others.

The video is from NicoNico. It will take up to 30 seconds for the video to appear after you click "play". And click the three dots in the lower right-hand corner to get rid of the comments superimposed on the image.


Anonymous said...
I wonder is this is a new picture
of her?

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- I think so. The photo on her official page seems to be from that same photo shoot, which was probably for her new singing career. But I also think she can take on many different looks, so it is hard to say what she would look like right now if you met her on the street. You can see fairly recent photos of her on her agency's blog here.

Anonymous said...

why would she not look the same as her pictures on the streets

hashi said...

@anonymous -- I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but photos we see on the Net today could have been taken over a number of years. People change their appearance over the years, especially in their late teens and early twenties. And in any case, it's amazing how different some people can look with different makeup or lighting and from different angles. Or in Hayamin's case, whether in still or moving pictures.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the kitamura eri picture I mentioned is new.
Who is hayamin?

Anonymous said...

Oh and about this.
Do you know what does post 131 says about her?
And that picture from post 520 and gif from 587 and 663.It is a programme about a-channel?

hashi said...

@anonymous -- "Hayamin" is Hayami Saori's nickname.

Post 131 in that thread says Yuuki Aoi is a "big-breasted loli."

Post 520, etc., are from episode 10 (the final episode) of the weekly online video special "A Channel TV," which you can see on the official site, or on NicoNico.

Anonymous said...

you sure are late in replying
"Hayamin" is Hayami Saori's nickname.Oh
Yuuki Aoi is a "big-breasted loli."
the weekly online video special "A Channel TV
I kind of know that already
So what do they say about her in the video special?

hashi said...

@anonymous -- I'm late because I'm traveling and have been both busy and away from a computer. Your snarky comment was unwarranted.

The specials don't say much "about" the seiyuus, they just give them a chance to talk and play games related to the show.

Anonymous said...

I'm late because I'm traveling and have been both busy and away from a computer.Oh
Your snarky comment was unwarranted.
I don't get what you mean by this statement.But why did you say that?
I mean what does 2ch says about Yuuki Aoi in this show

hashi said...

@anonymous -- Most posts in Ao-chan's thread on 2channel say how cute she is, and some repeat the thing about the "big-breasted loli." 2channel loved the specials, especially #10. And it liked her in the series itself.

In recent weeks, posts in the thread has risen from an average of two an hour or so to three an hour. I think Ao-chan is gradually getting more popular. Her roles in Pokemon Best Wishes and in Gosick have made her better known.

I thought you were criticizing me for being late (which I was, but I couldn't help it). Your comment struck me as "snarky" (i.e., nasty and sarcastic). I thought it was unfair and was offended. But never mind. It's all good. Thanks for posting. Have a look at A Channel TV episode 10. I think you might enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Oh.In recent weeks, posts in the thread has risen from an average of two an hour or so to three an hour
well I just post some questions
Your comment struck me as "snarky" (i.e., nasty and sarcastic).
Maybe I was