Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Toyosaki Aki Does the Weather on TV

Toyosaki Aki (Yui in K-On, member of Sphere, etc., etc.) is doing the voice of a cartoon character on the weather part of NHK's flagship evening news program, News Watch 9.

The weather lady speaks with Haru ("Spring") as they forecast the weather.

Click here to see a brief movie of them on-screen. Here are photos of Haru-chan and Aki-chan, and a screenshot from the show:


aniphiles said...

Why not just have her in person on screeN?

hashi said...

@aniphiles -- 1. (joke answer): She's too much taller than the other people there.

2. (real answer) I think the cartoon figure of Haru was on the show before she ever spoke, so her speaking is a new thing they added, with Ainama's voice ("Ainama" is a 2channel way of referring to Aki-chan based on a mispronunciation of her given name.)

Furuba-tan said...

yeah, haru-chan exists for several years. there is even a nendoroid of her.

Anonymous said...

I still wouldn't mind seeing Aki doing the weather.