Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seiyuu Video: Ogura Yui and Ro-kyu-bu Seiyuus

I'm not actually watching the show Ro-kyu-bu, but I do like the seiyuu team: Hanazawa Kana, Iguchi Yuka, Hikasa Youko, and young seiyuus Hidaka Rina and Ogura Yui.

Others seem to like them, too: an interview show on the video website Nico Nico Douga has attracted 30,000 viewers.

The highlight of the show was when a question from the audience was put to Ogura Yui 小倉唯, asking her to choose a color to represent herself. She didn't grasp the question, and wondered whether jibun ("self") meant herself or the questioner in the audience. The cute way she responded put Hikasa and the others in an uproar of delight:

Ogura may only be sixteen, but she is a seasoned pro entertainer, having acted in TV dramas from the time she was nine, and having performed as an idol and singer, particularly with Happy Style Rookies and the duo Yui-Kaori, which did the ED for the KissxSis TV series.

Her partner Kaori once said that she is cute and moe on the outside, but like an adult on the inside. Her nicknames are Yui-chan, Yui-yui, and Chairman (Kaichou).

She also did the dancing that was digitized for Hatsune Miku's dancing in Project Diva:

She lists her skills as classical ballet, jazz dance and tap, as well as swimming. I had no expectation that she would be any good as a seiyuu, but I have been surprised. In Kamisama no Memo-chou, she is doing a nice job as the feeling but somewhat expressionless soft-voiced Alice. And in Ro-kyu-bu, she is producing a strong lisping moe as Hinata.

Here is the full TV interview with the Ro-kyu-bu cast, followed by some photos of Ogura Yui (click to enlarge):

There are also some swimsuit shots of the Yui-Kaori duo, but I have not posted them, since they were done when Yui was only fifteen. You can find them by Googling her Japanese name, if you want.


Ark said...

Glad to see your blog update again.

banger said...

i too love the ro-kyu-bu seiyuu and songs but don't care for the anime at all. my favorites are the older girls tho...especially hikasa yoko. she is so goofy in all the interviews. i don't really care for the younger 2...in particular ogura yui's voice seems kind of "weak"...that does suit some characters tho of course. she reminds me of yuuki aoi's early stuff

hashi said...

@banger -- I haven't watched the show enough to really get a feel for all the voices, but I am definitely a fan of Hikasa Youko -- and not much of Hidaka Rina. I enjoy Ogura Yui's voice here, but I'd compare it more to Taketatsu Ayana than to Ao-chan. Ao-chan has been at a much higher level, for me, ever since Kurenai, and especially after that. The bits I've heard of her earlier work -- Onegai My Melody in particular -- haven't done much for me, although I do hear hints of the future.

@Ark -- Thank you. I'm afraid I won't be posting much, at least for a while. But I had some time and some material today.

Copycatken said...

I was also recently wondering where you had gone to hashi. I was used to seeing a couple of blog posts a week from you with seiyuu videos, pictures and news.

Glad to know you didn't bail out of blogging. Maybe we'll see more blog posts when Yuuki Aoi stars in a new series? ;)

I think Yui Ogura also occasionally has "her moments" in the Kamimemo radio shows. She'll sometimes stumble on a reading or misundertand a question and have the producer come help her out with readings and such.

I must admit her role in Kamimemo is much more interesting than in Ro-Kyu-Bu where her character is just a typical airhead (unless a sudden plot development occurs).

Matteas said...

She's cute herself and the voice she uses when speaking as Hinata could defeat whole batallions. Her "o~~h" is priceless. But most of all, it is amazing that she has come up with the SHOOT choreography.

hashi said...

@Matteas -- Yes, I forgot to mention that she apparently actually did the choreography for Shoot. Clearly a more complex character than she seems.

Anonymous said...

I find that Kaori Ishihara, his partner in the duo YUIKAORI, is more talented and prettier ... But Yui is adorable and beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

"since they were done when Yui was only fifteen"
So what is the big deal about this?

hashi said...

@anonymous1 -- It has just been announced that Kaori will star in an anime of her own next year, Rinne no Lagrange -- Flower Declaration of Your Heart. It's about a girl in Chiba who starts a school club devoted to protecting a river, and the friends she brings into the club. It's a Production IG project being animated by Xebec. I'm looking forward to it. Kaori clearly has a stronger singing voice than Yui. I'm not sure if it's a prettier voice, and I haven't really heard her seiyuu work. She is a couple of years older.

@anonymous2 -- If you saw the photos, you might understand my feeling. It didn't seem right to me to publicize sexy photos of scantily-clad 15-year-olds. Not necessarily that I think they're wrong, but that they could offend some people. I note that the photos in question do not appear in an English-language search for Ogura Yui photos, but do appear in a Japanese-language search.

Anonymous said...

I don't really think people will be offended.there is a english website

Anonymous said...

@ Hashi

Thanks for the info on Kaori!
I heard his voice for the first time in the anime "Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" where he voiced the character Suzuna Ayuzawa ... I immediately fell in love!
I follow YuiKaori a year now ... I am looking forward to get out their first album ^ ^