Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toyosaki Aki and Yuuki Aoi On Their Roles in Last Exile -- Fam of the Silver Wing

There are interviews with Last Exile -- Fam of the Silver Wing co-stars Toyosaki Aki (Fam) and Yuuki Aoi (Fam's partner Giselle) on the show's website. The third star is Kayano Ai (Menma in AnoHana), who will play Princess Miria.

Aki-chan saw the original Last Exile when it came out, long before she was a seiyuu. She is particularly amazed by the feeling of acting here with Kitamura Eri and her character Tatiana, who reappears in this second series. KitaEri was just a voice on the screen before, but now she knows her from having worked with her on other shows.

Ao-chan has never seen the original show and decided on her own not to look at it even after she got the part. She says she didn't want her feeling for those characters to affect her performance in this show, which is set in a different time and place.

Toyosaki Aki:
-- one-word description for the show: a "romance" (in the sense of a legendary tale).
-- likes flying and aircraft. First time playing a pilot.
-- Fam is a manly character. Brought up among boys. But she doesn’t realize this and inside, she feels like a girl.
-- Giselle is her close partner. Even though not related by blood, she was brought up with Fam. If Giselle were a guy, she would feel jealous of other people around Fam, since Fam treats everyone the same. But she is so capable that without her, Fam couldn’t fly.
-- Miria is so cute. Cute when she is on her high horse as a princess. Cute when she reacts more naturally, as a young girl.

Yuuki Aoi
-- keyword: "belief." The story is told from Fam and Miria’s point of view, but everyone has their own set of beliefs. Who is right? The Federation, Miria, or Fam? It isn't clear. (The story involves the Federation attacking Princess Miria's kingdom, and the "sky clan" fliers Fam and Giselle offering to rescue the princess, in return for a ship.)
-- I really believe in using my intuition, and at the audition I just had a feeling of how the character should sound. I act the character believing in that intuition.
-- when I was little, the manager of the theatre group I was in told me to remember everything I felt during a day -- the happiness, the sadness -- and bring out those feelings in my performances. So really my “intuition” is just the collection of things I have felt -- and I can also bring those things out when my intuition fails me. In this case, I just got a sudden feeling of things I had in me that suited the character. It really felt like inspiration.
-- Giselle is more cautious than Fam and feels she has to protect her. I call her “Fam’s wife.” She smilingly restrains her husband, who is too full of life. She has a lot of skill, but there is weakness in her, too, which I think will come out in episode one.
-- the staff told me that even when Giselle gets angry, she should not become harsh. She has to maintain her “kind elder sister” image. She is highly skilled, but never feels confident, and feels she has to work hard to keep up with Fam. She is really happy when Fam praises her, even though Fam just straighforwardly praises anyone who deserves it.
-- she is distant with Princess Miria. The princess seems to be on the other side of a wall, and Giselle can't get over it as easily as Fam can. She just observes her carefully, studying how to work with her. But rather than a commoner-to-princess relationship, she can develop a wonderful girl-to-girl relationship, like learning to communicate with someone from another culture.
-- Fam is is the hero and Miria the heroine, but Giselle is the partner. In my acting, it is most important to preserve the right feeling and distance between Fam and Miria. As the third person, I think of my role as being a go-between who can help their relationship. It’s the first time I have played a character like this whom the others depend on, and it is very difficult to keep the right balance, realizing that the two main characters are who the audience should be looking at. It’s really a lot of fun thinking of how I have been supported and embodying that in my support of them.
-- I also get the feeling of really flying more and more as we do the recording, and I hope that the exaltation I feel when stepping up to the mike is communicated to the audience.
-- I’ll be getting closer to Kayano-san’s Miria as time goes by, and I really look forward to the day when the three of us fly together. How will her heart be swayed, and how will Giselle calm her?


abandonedfactory said...

Looking forward to this on. The world as presented in the original Last Exile was so compelling! I'm a fan of Yuuki Aoi; I think she has demonstrated incredible range through her acting, and can't wait to see what she brings to LE.